Apps You Can Download Tonight for Better Sleep

Apps You Can Download Tonight for Better Sleep
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Negosentro.comApps You Can Download Tonight for Better Sleep | One in every three Americans struggles to get enough sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can create health issues and workplace hazards that can endanger your health and wellbeing. Exhaustion can also affect your decision-making skills, productivity, and mental health. 

Practicing healthy sleep hygiene is critical to helping you get enough rest to function at your top performance. One of the most consistent tips touted for better sleep is to avoid technology at bedtime. While this has proven science behind it, it’s also important to recognize that there are apps and tech gadgets that can help our sleep cycles through relaxing guided meditation, sleep analysis, and more. 

Apps for Better Sleep

Most apps on the market for improving your sleep are accessible at the base level but have in-app purchases or subscriptions for the premium versions of the apps with more features. We will discuss some of our favorite apps for getting the most out of your sleep. 


This app uses a 90 min sleep cycle, the average sleep cycle of its users, to calculate and help you schedule when you should sleep and wakes you up gently when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep. Avoiding the jarring wake-up alarms we traditionally use helps your body avoid sleep inertia, and you’re less likely to hit snooze. This sleep scheduler enables you to work with the parts of your day you can not change to benefit your rest during those hours you can change. You can get this app on iOS and Android. 


This all-in-one sleep application serves as your sleep tracker, alarm clock, and ambient noise system in one streamlined app. With its multi-alarm design and its sleep analysis features, it can help you break your snooze button habits. You can find this app on iOS and Android.

Do I Snore or Grind

The name of this app is self-explanatory. It is designed by the same creators as SleepScore and records when you snore or grind your teeth. Once you’ve got a few days of recordings behind you, this app can help you assess triggers and suggest changes to make to your sleeping position and recommendations for reducing stress. Snoring disrupts your sleep and that of your bed partners, and grinding your teeth can lead to dental damage, TMJ, headaches, and neck pain. This app is available for iOS and Android. 


This app is a series of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises split into various “pills” or doses of meditation to shift your subconscious perception slowly and beat lousy sleep habits. There are digital “pills” for other health issues, but sleep is one of the most used sections of this app. The app is designed to target and shift specific health-related behaviors to help you build healthier habits. DigiPill is available on iOS and Android. 


This audio application was designed with sleep and meditation in mind. With ASMR soundscapes, guided meditation sessions, and therapeutic hypnosis recordings available through the app, you’re able to address and respond to a variety of sleep inhibitors and head off sleep disruptions. You can find Slumber on iOS and Android.


This app gamifies your sleep habits, helping you create new healthier habits to improve your rest each night. You play this game by setting sleep and wake goals. When you accomplish these goals, you begin to build a tiny town within the app. If you fail to obtain your goals, buildings are crushed, and you have to make them back up by successfully meeting your goals. 

Gamification is a tactic many people use to make tedious tasks more enjoyable. It helps them keep to the plan for a more extended period, helping them productively build those crucial habits. This app isn’t free, but it’s only $2 for a potentially life-changing series of new practices to help with your rest. This app is available on iOS and Android.

Pzizz Sleep

This psychoacoustics app uses algorithms and sleep tracking to help you cure insomnia through sound and music. Each night, the app creates a custom soundscape to help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer. This app is excellent for getting the most out of a power nap or helping you build a restful routine. This app is available on iOS and Android. 


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