And Yet More Easy Green Methods to Create an Eco Home

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The planet is currently in big transition, where the population are beginning to consider and implement greener ways of living.  Micro-plastics and wasted energy are unacceptable and unsustainable and society is looking for ways to eradicate these problems.  Scientists across the the world have released damning environmental figures stating that the human race need to change certain lifestyle habits.  In areas such as housing, transport and diet, the figures show that we need to dramatically change the way we approach these subjects such as an having eco home.

“To many, designing and building your own eco home is a dream goal, helping to achieve a lower carbon footprint.  Currently, people are waking up and altering their ways, turning down thermostats, using washing machines less and recycling.  To take this further, people are implementing different steps to help the planet, adopting new greener choices in their everyday lives.  Let’s look at some of these forward thinking ideas to create a environmentally friendly home.“ – Property Secured Loan Finance Experts Uk Property Finance.

Make space for an inner city forest!

Filling your house or apartment with indoor plants is a great way to soak up carbon dioxide. These air purifying plants will clean your living space and help you sleep and relax.  Not only will they look great but they will improve your quality of life and even lift up your mood.  Elevating your mindset is an important way to keep your mental health in check as you are a product of your own environment.  Some plants actually photosynthesise during the night, which is great for cleaning the air in bedrooms, aiding a healthy night’s sleep.

Plants will add oxygen to your room and your body will thank you for this. There is a good selection to choose from, plants like a Dragon Tree, Schefflera, Rubber Tree, Aloe Vera, Guiana Chestnut, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and Arborea will all help to create a green oasis in your home.  

Make Sure you collect your precious rainwater.

Wasting water is common place in society.  It is important to counter this by catching rainwater for your houseplants and garden.  Jobs like washing your football boots or the family pet can use a lot of tap water, so switching to a greener method is more beneficial.

This will also reduce your overall water bill, keeping costs low for your family. Alterations will have to be made to guttering and fences to help direct the water to a storage but, which will be required to be kept clean and disease free.  The rain water carries useful nutrients for your plants and will keep them healthy.

LED bulbs are he here and now future.

Households are now changing from halogen bulbs to LED style, as they are far more energy efficient.  It is a vital change as LEDs last for over twenty five thousand hours, over fifteen times longer than older bulbs.  This technology looks more stylish and minimal in the home and a lot more options are available for light fittings, giving the space a modern look.  

Reduce heat loss.

Installing cavity wall insulation will radically improve your homes efficiency.  It is disheartening to know that your hard earned money is literally escaping through your loft space and walls.  Adding a layer of insulation will trap the heat in your home and keep it warm and cosy. Furthermore, it will reduce the need for the central heating to be running at maximum, saving you money for more important things like family diet and activities.  

Another great option is to draught proof your property, as this will also help to keep your home energy efficient. Places to a look as are lofts, doors and chimneys, as they are the typical areas where warmth can escape, leaving you uncomfortable in the evenings and during the winter months.

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