An Endless Fountain of Traffic: 5 Ways You Can Make an Infographic Go Viral

infographic viral marketing

Infographics are considered one of the most effective forms of content. Comprising informative visuals and creative text, gracefully woven together, these content pieces are a goldmine for marketers who are looking to drive views and perhaps even convert sales.

That’s because, of all content types, infographics are the most likely to go viral. People just love to share and interact with them.

How to make Your Infographics Go Viral

Of course, you first need to find a professional Infographic design service provider to help you create appealing infographics. After that, follow the steps below to make your Infographic go viral;

  • Submit an SEO optimized press release

There are two main benefits of publishing an SEO optimized press release about an upcoming Infographic. First, it boosts your keyword ranking, visibility, inbound links, and traffic.

Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to tell the story behind your Infographic. Use that opportunity to tell people what you learned from your research and what they can expect to take away from your Infographic. You can throw in a few numbers and figures to get the readership excited.

  • Create a social media release

After sending out a press release, follow up by publishing a social media release. A social media release is essentially a press release optimized for social media networks.

The reason you want to post a social media release is to create anticipation among your fan base. Social media has an incredible ability to drive traffic. If you can get your fans and followers excited enough about an upcoming Infographic, chances are that you’ll see serious traffic once the Infographic is released.

  • Develop a social media sharing plan

Typically, you’ll begin by positing the Infographic on your blog. Once you’ve done that, you need to follow up by sharing it on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You’ll need a clear plan for this to gain maximum exposure.

We recommend that you make the Infographic embeddable so that fans can embed it back to their own websites and blogs. We also suggest that you schedule a roll-out of tweets rather than posting just one tweet. Do the same for Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

  • Submit your Infographic to directories

Directories are critical in getting content pieces to go viral. That’s because these tools are used by millions of people around the world.

The good news is that there are dozens of directories to choose from out there. If possible, choose the ones devoted to infographics. Excellent options include;, Daily Infographics, Cool Infographics, Visual Loop, and Infographic Journal.

  • Initiate a manual outreach

Manual outreach essentially means reaching out to owners of other popular blogs and social media accounts to help you push the message out and wide.

Search for blogs and Twitter handles that deal in related topics. Then, create a list of your best picks and send them each an email letting them know that you’d appreciate if they could share your Infographic.

If you can create awesome infographics and follow the above distribution tips, rest assured of viral reach.