All You Need To Know Before Buying a Dash Camera

Dash Camera

Negosentro | All You Need To Know Before Buying a Dash Camera | Buying a dash cam, also known as a car cam, for your vehicle is probably one of the most worthy and smartest investments that you can make for several reasons. The camera can come to your rescue in cases of insurance fraud relating to your car, absolve you of wrongdoing in accidents, and capture crucial footage of your car when parked in high crime (vandalism and theft) areas. Dash cams can also record your vocational road trips to preserve the memories or for sharing with others. Additionally, those interested in monitoring the behind-the-wheel behavior of drivers, say young drivers or fleet vehicle drivers, can rely on the car cams.

Here are some features to consider when selecting the best dash cam for your needs:

Video quality

Among the most vital features of a dash cam, video quality is at the top of the list. You need a camera with excellent resolution and high-quality video output. If your camera gives poor quality video and inaudible audio, its output may not be admissible in the event of an accident or insurance fraud. If you need a recording device for a huge vehicle, this factor is all the more important. Go for high definition cameras with 720p or 1080p. Get a HD camera even if it’s a bit costly as non-HD will give grainy video output that may not be useful. Make sure to view videos recorded by a specific dash cam while buying one to be sure of its video quality.

Size and reliability

Dash cam size is a feature that you cannot ignore and may mean trading extra features for size or missing some features for a smaller camera. But there are small and feature-packed cameras that are quite discreet, take less space on the dash, and are perfect for small vehicles. These cameras do not attract as much attention.

You must also buy a dash cam that is known to be reliable. If they have auto start and auto shut off features, you may not view the recordings until there is a need, thus you need a reliable camera so that you do not lack the crucial footage when you need it. Find reviews from other users on a dash cam’s reliability before you buy one. You can check out some of the best dash cams according to Eyeride experts who have selected the most reliable and high-quality cameras for sale on the site.

Memory capacity

Dash cams are continuously recording, so getting a camera with ample storage is the best thing. Some cameras come with a loop recording feature that allows them to overwrite previously recorded videos on the memory card. While this ensures continuous recording even when the memory card is full, it will call for constant transference of footage to another storage or you may lose some vital footage which may defeat the purpose of having a car cam. Dash cam memories are classified into classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10 according to the quality of the video output and reliability with 10 being the best. An HD dash cam takes 2-3 hours to record on an 8GB memory card before starting to overwrite. For a good dash cam, choose a class 10 memory card with at least 32 GB of storage capacity.

Mounting options

When it comes to mounting your dash camera device, there are several options with some dash cams using suction cups on the front screen and others employing a semi-permanent adhesive mount. Some car cams are mounted on the backside of rearview mirrors and others on the windscreen. For small cars, go for a mounting option that does not obstruct the driver’s view and take up significant space. Before picking a dash cam, consider how easy it is to install it and if it is the best for your needs while giving your car an appealing look.


Dash cams are crucial devices to have in the car. While buying a car cam, you need to consider its size and reliability, quality of its video output, mounting options, and memory capacity to mention just a few. Most importantly, the dash cam should perfectly meet your needs.

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