All You Need to Know About Bed Quilts

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Negosentro | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BED QUILTS | What is quilting? The word quilt reminds one immediately of the traditional artistic process that originated in Egypt in 3400 BC. The process involves the meticulous blending of multiple layers of fabric (at least three) either through hand stitching or with a sewing machine.

Later, the technique was adopted into bedding in different parts of the world and bed quilts in wide-ranging designs are quite common these days. A typical quilt consists of three distinct layers: the top layer, the inner batting layer and the bottom layer. Usually, the top layer is made from multiple fabric pieces, and they are sewn together into intricate patterns. The insulating layer/batting is the inner layer made of wool, and the bottom layer is crafted from a solid fabric.

Quilting spread out to several countries from Egypt, and the design/pattern of quilts vary from culture to culture. Today, American quilts, Amish quilts, African-American quilts, Native American quilts, Hawaiian quilts, South Asian quilts etc., where each of them embodies the culture from which they hail. The colour schemes of quilts range from varied and bright colours to a blend of mixed colours. As mentioned, there is no set standard for the patterns and designs of a quilt. It usually represents the cultural heritage of the community to which they belong.

Who should go after Bed Quilts?

  • People who prefer a bit of warmth while sleeping would love to choose quilts as their bedding companion. Since they are relatively thinner than comforters, quilts do not overheat much as well. Who does not love a bit of insulation on a cold winter night?!
  • Fashion enthusiasts who love to experiment with style will have a perfect time by choosing quilts over other bedding forms. Quilts are available in wide-ranging colours and patterns, and hence they contribute significantly to enhancing the bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.
  • People who prefer layered bedding choices would naturally fall in love with this three-layered unique option for bedding.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing quilts online


Have an idea of your bed size before choosing the quilt as they are available in varying formats like single bed size, double king size and so on. It is always better to choose a product that is best compatible with one’s bed. For people looking for baby quilts, make sure that you do not concede quality for budget. Prioritize the comfort and happiness of your baby even if your choice slightly exceeds your account.


The weather conditions of the place that one lives in to determine the fabric s/he has to choose. Quilts are ideal bedding companions for people who live in areas that usually experience moderate winter. Recent studies prove that quilts also have health benefits as they prevent possibilities of skin rashes apart from providing warmth.


It is essential to invest in brands that manufacture high-quality products and ensure customer assistance. With enterprising brands like Sheridan coming to the fore in Australia, customers can buy quilts online without any fuss from the comfort of their homes. It is a known fact that buying from a trusted brand would ensure longevity and quality.


Before purchasing the quilt, carefully read the product description given on the website. Read and find out whether the quilt is machine-washable or not (most are machine-washable). 

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