All About Medical Coding Services Support

All About Medical Coding Services Support

All About Medical Coding Services Support | The healthcare process like clinical and financial decision-making,  benchmarking,  and healthcare policies get affected if the medical coding quality of your practice is failing. The decreasing coding productivity also stalls your practice’s reimbursement process. Therefore setting the right coding process is essential. Many practices now opt for outsourcing medical billing and coding services from a medical billing partner that has both experience as well as expertise! In this article, you will get to know all about medical coding services support. 

What is Medical Coding?

Listing down a patient’s number of visits, the reason for the visit, and the services that they received using alphanumeric and numerical coding techniques is known as medical coding. Medical coding is done by a medical coder who codes every step of a patient. It is the responsibility of the medical coder to record everything from the first visit to the treatments and services a patient receives from the healthcare institutes.  Medical coding services include the coding of medical tests, medical prescriptions, diagnoses that patients may receive. 

Purpose Of Medical Coding Services

The main reason to use medical coding services is to correctly document every part of the services that healthcare provides to its patients. This documentation is done so that the healthcare company can get paid for their services and claim bills from the insurance companies for the services they provide to their patients. 

Two Types Of Medical Coding

Medical coding has different standard coding systems, but the three most important ones are 

  1. CPT
  2. ICD
  3. HSCPC


CPT stands for Current Procedure Terminology, and this coding system is utilized to document the whole medical process that a patient undergoes at the practice.  Under CPT coding, there are three types of codes that are used to code different medical procedures. The first is the alphanumeric codes. These codes are used to document the tests that are performed in labs. The second is the numeric codes that are used to code medical fields, including anesthesia, surgeries, etcetera. The last type of CPT coding deals with the kind of medical technology that is used to treat the patient. 


ICD or the ICD coding stands for International Classification of Diseases. This type of coding is used for documenting injuries, illnesses, the death of any patient, and the reason behind it. 


HSCPC stands for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. This third coding system documents the services that CPT coding does not. This might include the coding of procedures and medical equipment that are not coded by CPT.   

Medical Coding Services

When healthcare providers want to focus on patient care, they tend towards the medical coding service providers. The medical coding service has a skilled staff that decodes the medical jargon and lets the healthcare practice relax. 

The job of the medical care providers is already too much, and for them to provide medical services and also code them becomes difficult. This is the reason that healthcare providers hire medical coders that are trained, competent, and know all about medical jargon, including medical coding, medical terminologies, and other medical procedures. 

Who Are Medical Coders? 

Medical coders are trained coders who know the ins and outs of coding medical treatments. A good medical coder stays up to date and is specialized in their work and the other services related to it. This is the reason that now, many medical care providers outsource their medical coding services from medical billing companies.

Why Use Medical Coding Services?

There are several reasons to use medical coding support. The first reason is that the right medical coding service makes the billing process accurate and transparent. A good medical coding service decreases the risk of failed claims and other bad billing practices. 

Outsourcing medical billing and coding services from medical billing companies and experts provide detailed insights into the billing flow. The medical billing and coding companies provide reports and analytics that also help the medical practice in the analysis of their overall performance. 

The coding staff of the medical billing companies includes expert coders who know and stay up to date in terms of the changes in the regulations of insurance companies and service providers. The medical billing and coding support keeps an eye on the errors in the codes and tries to reduce them. They keep on monitoring the coding process until the claims are paid.  The medical coding service support has certified coding experts who ensure that codes are correctly entered so that claims denials can be avoided. Not only that but there are also some supervisors as well who double-check everything so that there is no room for errors. Medical coding services can be adjusted according to the needs of the practice. You can increase or decrease their resources according to the need of the hour. 

Another benefit of Medical coding services is that they provide 24/7 helpline service so that getting information and reports can be easy. This perk helps to view the collection of payments as well as the status of unpaid bills. Medical coding services also help to bridge the gap between the services provided and the revenue collected.

Outsourcing Medical Coding services

Maby medical practices opt to outsource medical billing from medical billing companies. These medical billing companies also provide coding services, and there are many perks of outsourcing medical coding as well. When compared to in-house coding, outsourcing medical coding costs less and also reduces the chances of errors. This is because medical billing companies hire a trained staff that is trained in this particular area. Outsourcing medical coding services will:

  • Reduce the number of claim rejection
  • Speed up the reimbursement time
  • Increase the revenue cycle
  • Reduce the chances of error 

Wrap up!

UControl Billing is one of the leading outsourcing medical billing companies that provide medical billing and coding services. The experts at UControl Billing are professionals who assist medical practitioners so that they can focus on their patients.  You can outsource the medical billing services that you require. Get in touch with UControl Billing to outsource medical billing and coding services and discuss what you need with our professionals.


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