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Source: | All About Funeral Remembrance Cards | There are a variety of holy cards for funerals that can be created in the honour of the ones who are no longer with us. Some of the types are traditional, or the winner announcement cards or picture style cards. It’s up to you to decide which funeral remembrance card suits you the best. 

Let’s Understand What A Funeral Memorial Card Is?

The holy cards for funerals, also known as funeral remembrance cards are a lasting tribute to the ones who are no longer with us. These cards are provided to the guest of a memorial service with all the information about the descendant and the funeral. The size of the card is about 3-4.5’’ small enough to carry in a pocket or a wallet. Funeral remembrance cards are quite similar to the funeral programs. In fact, sometimes they both are combined into one. The most obvious difference is that a remembrance card focuses on the deceased person which usually includes a story, photograph, and meaningful quotes or verses. However, a funeral service program is the one that consists of all the practical details about the funeral service such as the ceremony, location, and schedule of the events. 

Why Are Still Remember Remembrance Cards Significant?

Funeral remembrance cards are important because they set a vibe for the memorial. They help you in celebrating the life of the loved one who is no longer with you. It will keep the memory of the person alive in your hearts. These holy cards for funerals are deeply rooted in the catholic tradition. You can always include a specific time in the memorial card if the services are conducted by the priest. On the whole, it can be understood that memorial cards capture the memory of the special loved ones forever as a cherished record of life.

Who Makes Funeral Remembrance Cards?

These funeral cards are made by funeral homes, remembrance card designers, and funeral directors. They are typically included in the funeral packages as a valuable reminder of someone who passed away. Sometimes, it is also commissioned by the printing service or a designer if it is not included in the funeral home package.

How Can You Make A Funeral Remembrance Card?

If you really want to make a funeral remembrance card, gather all the details of the deceased person including photograph, common name, and date of birth and death, message, or not from the family. These are some of the factual details which are often accompanied by a poem short obituary sentimental court song lyrics or a prayer. Then the additional information includes the funeral home, the symmetry, and the plot number, or other location details. In case if you are creating a funeral program separately then all this will not be required. Whenever you are creating the funeral remembrance cards on your own, you will need to hire a designer, a platform where you can create these cards easily. Choose the layout design and provide the necessary information including a personal message to make sure that the funeral card has a positive impact.

How Many Types Of Memorial Cards Are There?

To be precise, there are a variety of types of memorial cards that you can choose from. Depending on the vision of the final product, you can select the pictures traditional, folded memorial cards, memorial bookmarks, funeral announcement cards for the memorial prayer cards.

The Final Word

Funeral remembrance cards are a part of amazing behaviour, creativity and a beautiful memento for the family of the deceased. Create the one that fits best with the family values and within the budget as well. Ask for professional help, if required.

Happy Memorial Services!

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