Airport Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Airport Hacks

Lady Castro, Negosentro | Going to the airport has become so stressful for many people that they spend just as much time preparing themselves for the experience of being at the airport as they do packing for their trip. From the lengthy security lines to crowded terminals to delays, it’s almost a miracle if you can escape the airport without feeling stressed or frustrated in some way. Everyone knows being at the airport can be a stressful situation these days — why else would an airport offer therapy animals to help travelers stay calm? Though because not every airport has its own petting zoo — and because some of us are allergic, anyway — it’s worth your while to learn some simple tips that can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed at the airport.

Beyond hitting the airport bar early and often, there are many ways travelers can make their time at the airport go by a little easier. For example, you can avoid spending more time in line than you absolutely need to by using your airline’s online check-in service. You also can skip security screening by registering for expedited screening through TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR, if you qualify. When you’re in the security line, you can save time by emptying your pockets before getting to the metal detector.

Packing for the airport can be just as important as packing for your trip, and that means keeping essential items such as your phone charger, your ID and headphones in a front pocket of your carry-on bag or another easy-to-access location. Downloading the airline’s mobile app to your phone also can help you by providing vital information about gate changes or delays without the need to stand by a PA speaker the entire time. The following presentation has more hacks for having a less-stressful time at the airport. Check them out, and you could make your next trip much easier.

Airport Hacks Every Traveler Should Know courtesy of Ideal Charter