Aging And Dental Health: The Causes, Effects, And Prevention Tips

Aging And Dental Health
Image source: | Aging And Dental Health: The Causes, Effects, And Prevention Tips | Dental health is something that people often ignore until it’s too late. Therefore, taking care of your teeth and gums should always be your priority, especially as you get older. Aging can deteriorate dental health, the same way it can deteriorate the rest of your mind and body. So, being mindful and preventing negative aging effects can be of great help. In this text, we’ll try to offer some tips that will help you preserve the health of your gums and teeth.

Teeth wear – effects and prevention tips

Your teeth tend to wear out, mainly due to daily chewing. But, chewing is something you must do, because you need to eat. But, it’s important the way you chew and what you eat. For example, chewing gums can be eliminated, because that’s unnecessary chewing. Plus, they’re full of sugar, and it’s been well-documented that sugar is the number one culprit behind many oral issues. Also, try avoiding chewing hard and heavy foods as they can damage your teeth as well.

Pay attention to discoloration

The teeth’ discoloration often becomes more prominent with age. Still, the discoloration itself isn’t damaging, but it can still affect the way your teeth look. Brightening your teeth is an apt solution, which is why it’s important to consult a medical-dental professional and find the best treatments. If used incorrectly, commercial teeth whitening products can be detrimental to your teeth, so it’s better to opt for professional help. If you want to do some at-home treatments, then eating strawberries is a great place to start, as they’re known to be effective when it comes to treating discoloration.

Regular maintenance matters

Teeth can be healthy if you allow them to be. That’s why regular washing and flossing are so important, especially if you enjoy foods that tend to get stuck in between the teeth. But, what’s even more pressing is to go to regular checkups to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and in good condition. Therefore, going to a reliable dental laboratory can improve your teeth health and prevent issues. It’s extremely important to find a dental professional who’s considerate, patient, and willing to answer all your questions. Also, before you decide to undergo any procedure, make sure to do your research, so you’ll know what to expect.

Some medications can have consequences

As you age, it’s very likely you’d need some medication to maintain your health. Medications that control diabetes, heart health, and blood pressure can have side effects, mainly dry mouth. In case you didn’t know, dry mouth can be uncomfortable, but it can also have negative effects on your oral health. Saliva keeps your teeth healthy by preventing tooth decay. Hence, if you have issues with lack of saliva due to medication, be sure to consistently stay hydrated.

Daily habits can play a huge role

The way you live can also reflect on your teeth’ health. Smoking cigarettes isn’t only bad for your general health: it can also cause discoloration and hardened plaque. Also, drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol (mainly red wine) might have similar effects on your teeth, making them look worse as time goes by. Eating snacks full of added and refined sugars is also problematic, as well as eating highly acidic foods. That’s why adopting better habits can yield positive results, mainly if you have sensitive gums and teeth, to begin with. Regular flossing and brushing can be of great help, together with regular dental check-ups and subsequent maintenance.

A balanced diet is your best friend

As previously stated, eating sugary and acidic foods can cause dental problems. That’s why a balanced diet is your best friend: foods that boost your immune system, such as fresh garlic, coconut oil, spirulina, and leafy greens, can be immensely positive for your teeth and gums. Besides, consuming enough vitamin D can have wonderful effects on your immune system, and therefore, your teeth.


Everyone deserves healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. So, investing in your teeth and adopting positive dental habits is the best way to ensure healthy teeth, regardless of your age. Also, make sure to find a reputable dental professional, so you’ll be able to have regular check-ups because that’s the surest way to detect dental issues at the early stages. All of that combined will keep your teeth and gum healthy and in good condition, which is what you deserve, especially as you become older.

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