Agency vs Freelancer vs In-House SEO: Which One Fits Your eCommerce Business

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With each coming day leading your business online becomes more and more important. It broadens your cycle of customers. You manage to gain a lot of potential clients and increase your revenue. People nowadays prefer online interactions more than real life. It is a great way of saving time, efforts and gives them a wide variety of choice. Nevertheless, as a marketer, you will meet a lot of challenges to overcome. You are supposed to implement a lot of tactics and strategies in order to get brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales. With eCommerce marketing services from the right eCommerce digital marketing agency, you will manage to get all these. However, business development models can vary based on the business type and personal preference. You can make a choice among three main marketing solutions.

Before deciding the ideal option for you, first you need to compare them with your company goals:

1.    Hiring an Agency;

Having a reliable SEO team means that you have done almost everything for your business. They will use all the best practices, strategies and tactics of SEO and eCommerce PPC management, which will help you to increase ranking, drive traffic and boost sales. However, you will need to be attentive in your choice and hire a trustworthy company with a high reputation.


        Saving time and more concentration on other important details;
        Compliant and optimized website due to the expertise;
        Comprehensive SEO services with high results;
        Guaranteed high ranking, traffic and brand awareness;
        A good team with professionals;
        Experience in different fields.

Anyway, it is important to mention that you can get all these only if you find a reputable SEO agency.


        The possibility of failing to find the right agency to cover your needs.

If you follow some tips on how to find a trustworthy SEO agency, you will manage to overcome this challenge.

2.    Hiring a Freelancer;

Hiring freelancers allows you to choose and build your marketing team yourself based on their skills. It gives you flexibility in making changes in your strategies. You get new ideas and approaches from different individuals, which allows you to create creative and distinctive approaches.


        Affordability and flexibility in working hours;
        Independent thinking;
        Motivation   performing a high-quality job;
        Economic benefits.


        No interpersonal interactions;
        Disappearing of freelancers;
        Lack of team-working.

 3.    Having an in-house SEO team;

Managing in-house team allows you to take full control to the entire process. In-house SEO team has all the information and nuances of how your company works. The in-house SEO professional puts the emphasis only on your business instead of multiple clients. In a word, the complete focus is your business.


        Full control to the process;
        More concentration on targeting your audience;
        Total integration of your own workers.


        Additional expenses on technical equipment;
        Lack of resources;
        Time. (It can take much time to build a team with professionals).

Main Differences between Agency, Freelancer and In-House SEO.

When speaking about their differences, we should remember three important points: costs, skills, approaches.


An in-house SEO team demands a separate salary to the workers based on their skills and work they do. On the other hand, you can find a reliable agency at a reasonable cost and do not think about a separate salary. What refers to freelancers, you can find them on any budget, but pay attention to their work quality.


SEO agency provides with workers in any skill, as they mostly have a large team full of professionals. When it comes to in-house team and freelancers, you should find these people yourself one by one.


Agencies make clear to you their marketing approaches, so you can easily make your decision. In the case of an in-house team, you can build your own strategies, however, it takes you much time. So, it is a great option, if you are not in a hurry. Here it is useless to speak about freelancers, as they are individuals, and each does their work separately.

Every business differs in its company culture, approaches, business thinking. However, the aim is almost the same: to have sustainable business success. So, before deciding the best solution for your business you need to compare all the approaches and find out which is the best for you based on your budget and resources.

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