Aftermarket Car Parts: Why Are They Worth the Investment?

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Image source : | Aftermarket Car Parts: Why Are They Worth the Investment? | The automotive aftermarket industry in Australia is growing exponentially and is in a mature stage of the cycle as the revenue has been plateauing. With the popularity of e-retailing, there is a major shift in the focus from local retailers to trusted online aftermarket solutions. Additionally, the global trend of electrification of vehicles and autonomous vehicles has increased the sale of retail parts in the aftermarket. The Aftermarket industry is currently estimated at 11 billion AUD, with the e-retaining avenue contributing about 5% of it.

What is the Aftermarket Industry?

The aftermarket car parts industry deals with replacement parts for vehicle repairs manufactured by third-party companies, unlike Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. They are the alternative and competitive non-OEM car parts used during car repairs by garage mechanics or home users. The companies design care spare parts and construct them to fit the car perfectly. They work just as well, or even better than OEM parts after replacement.  

Types of Aftermarket Car Parts


Structural car components involve the outer areas such as the safety cage or the hood responsible for absorbing the force produced during a crash. These aftermarket parts must adhere to the guidelines provided for vehicle standards and modifications by the Australian government. The car parts manufactured by trusted suppliers like AEM Performance Electronics are ‘functionally equivalent’ to OEM parts in quality and safety.


Cosmetic car parts impact the look of the vehicle and not its safety and crashworthiness. These can involve the trim, door skin and finders. Even though they do not change the crashworthiness and the safety of the car, cosmetic aftermarket car parts must be sourced based on their availability, fit, quality and price. Well-made and reliable car parts would not impact the safety or the functioning of a car.

Benefits of Choosing Aftermarket Car Parts

Availability of Choices

OEM parts are available only for the products that they sell. The aftermarket is a better choice if buyers are looking for car parts with diverse features and configurations. There are hundreds of trusted companies that provide alternative parts. After doing a little research and enquiring with known mechanics or trusted vendors like AEM, they can get a certified replacement that suits their needs, even better than an OEM.

Economic Prices

On average, OEM car parts cost 60% more than non-OEM parts. The prices of alternative aftermarket parts are always less than their OEM counterparts. The percentage of decrease varies between different brands and the purpose of the vehicle parts. But buyers are more likely to save money by choosing alternative car parts. As there are numerous competitive parts available, the prices are competitive too, making them significantly lower.

Easy Access and Availability

OEM parts are only available through authorised sellers and dealers. Those who require them will have to commute to the specific store to get those parts. If the vehicle parts are not in stock, they might have to wait for a significant period, affecting their vehicle usage. Alternative parts, however, are available in online and offline stores in multiple locations, which is convenient for a quick purchase.

Better Quality

Alternative parts from trusted brands and vendors like AEM are better than their OEM counterparts. Some car parts are also uniquely designed to fit the different needs of car enthusiasts and racers.

Determining Auto Part Quality 

Determining the quality of OEM or aftermarket car parts can be tricky and a bit of a gamble too. It is always best to research, get a second opinion from a trusted mechanic, check customer reviews and ratings, and investigate the reputation of the alternate manufacturer before buying aftermarket parts.

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