AFFI Holds 15th Franchise and Business Expo


Patricia Aleckzandra | Negosentro

The 15th Franchise and Business Expo, one of the most awaited expo in the Metro, was held last October 14-16 at the World Trade Center organized by the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI). Co-presented with PLDT SME Nation, BPI Family Ka Negosyo, and Go Negosyo, the expo features hundred of businesses open for franchising or distributorship as well as other businesses that support micro, small and medium businesses in the country.


Dubbed as one of the biggest expo in the Metro, this three-day event targeted entreps and business people who wanted to start their own business or find an existing one that they can manage while pushing the business to its full potential. Through various seminars and talks by different business leaders and empowered entrepreneurs in the industry, AFFI offered opportunities to get exposed, engaged, enriched and empowered while helping other businesses climb the ladder to success.

The 15th Franchise and Business Expo held activities that gave out much information on how to handle a business or how to start one as well as activities that provided an engaging learning experience to potential entrepreneurs and business people. These included the Business Journey Year 2 which taught the steps – license processing, finance and tax management, leadership training – in building your own business. Big players of the franchising industry such as Potato Corner and Sea Oil was there, as well as celebrity business personals such as Nikki Valdez, journalist Anthony Taberna, and comedian Wilma Doesnt.

Ka Tunying and Wilma Doesnt as celebrity entrep.
Nikki Valdez at her Miss Buttercream booth.

Workshops and seminars (like what is stated) were also offered to visitor. Young entrepreneurs were also given a spotlight in The Youthreprenuership Forum which was organized by Voice of the Youth Network and Negosyo Kabataan in partnership with Milkin’ Corporation headed by CEO and AFFI Board Member Richie Cuna. Voice of the Youth Network and Negosyo Kabataan are youth advocacy groups founded by the VoiceMaster.

There were also booths which you were to visit that showcased their best products and services.

Lots’ a Pizza on their cooking demo.
From food biz to cosmetics – the expo has everything for you.

With the success of this event, surely you would want to come and enjoy the activities they offer you. If you are looking for something to drive you to success, then mark your calendars for another one of the biggest gathering of the biggest names in the industry. Explore your opportunities and take the chance. AFFI Empowering Entrepreneurs will lead you to your success.

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