AdvoCare Distributor Success Tips: How to Run a Successful Business?

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AdvoCare provides a wealth of opportunity to be successful. Not only will it teach you how to become an entrepreneur, but it also gives you an opportunity to run a successful business as indicated in websites like Computerknacks. The giant multi-level marketing company has made millions of successful distributors around the world. The secret to getting there is to follow a set of principles that will transform you into a visionary entrepreneur and effective leader.

Read on the distributor success tips below:

  1. Build a solid business plan and marketing strategy

Running a successful business requires a solid business plan with a crystal-clear marketing strategy. The planning stage will allow you to anticipate the direction, objectives and progress of the business. The business plan contains the following:

  • Company’s vision
  • Company’s mission statement
  • Short-term and long-term goals
  • Value proposition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Target market
  • Day-to-day operational activities

Without a plan, your business will fail. That’s why it is extremely critical to have a solid, well-written business plan even before the business takes off. The business plan will be your textbook on how to run your business, what you’re eyeing to achieve, and most importantly, how to be successful.

  1. Understand and work with the numbers

Business is always a numbers game. If you don’t keep an eye on the company’s cost, revenue, and profit, chances are your business is going to go down the drain. You got to be on top of the numbers and work with them to your company’s advantage. You got to make crucial business decisions based on your understanding of the company’s financial numbers.

AdvoCare Distributor Success TipsFor example, being a distributor will require you to grow your team. You know not everyone you’ll talk to about the business model and/or products will join or even buy the products. You also know that more than half of your team members will not sustain. If you’re going to look at the numbers closely, you’ll be able to put in place some solid action plans to mitigate those facts:

  • Recruit at least 4 distributors every month
  • Find at least 3 new retail customers every month
  • Recruit 100 people 2 years as a baseline to find at least 5 who are serious with the business
  1. Learn your business

To run a successful a business means you also know your business. Being a distributor doesn’t only mean recruiting people under you or selling products. You got to know the essentials, such as:

  • What the company is all about
  • Company’s vision and mission
  • Company advocacy
  • Business model and system
  • Products
  • Network marketing

More importantly, you got to learn how the products work and what its advantages are. You also need to know what other people think about it. Always have that drive to continuously learn. Be on top of every company communication. Attend all meetings and events. Talk to your peers and the company’s product experts.

  1. Manage your finances

Remember that running a business is a numbers game? That said, you have to know every detail of your finances. You need to have an updated balance sheet that will show you exact profit and loss numbers. This enables you to see your business’ current financial status – whether your business is profitable or not.

AdvoCare Distributor Success TipsKeep track of your expenses and revenue. Keep a good cash flow by maintaining a few loyal customers every month. Always find ways to fund your business cost, such as considering yourself as a customer when you buy your own products.

  1. Focus on income-generating activities

One of the most important success tips to become a successful AdvoCare distributor is to focus on income-generating activities. This means that you to do things that will make your business grow. There are only two activities with AdvoCare that will help you earn revenue: retail and recruit.


That said, if you focus on retailing then you’ll have to put together a sales schedule for your day to day activities as well as a sales target every month. Consistently engage with your customers to drive more sales and revenue to your business. On the other hand, if you focus on recruiting, you’ll have to put together a schedule for your daily activities, such as:

  • Sourcing for leads
  • Calling and emailing
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Follow through on previous meetings

On top of that, you’ll have to keep track of the people you’ve met versus those who actually joined. Finally, plot your desired recruit target every month.

Be patient, consistent and persistent

There’s no entrepreneur or distributor who got rich overnight. Ultimately, you’ll have to put your 100% and be consistent. A business takes time to grow and will require you to patiently manage its ups and downs. The goal is to survive the first year and sustain and grow on the succeeding years. You must be persistent in reaching your goal by diligently executing what you have written in your business plan.


Being an AdvoCare distributor gives you a great opportunity to manifest your skills and passion for running a successful business. These AdvoCare distributor success tips can help you achieve your goals. Not only will these principles help you earn more money, but also will help you transform yourself into an effective executive and a credible businessman.

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