Benefits of Advertising

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Negosentro|You may be wondering, Why should you do advertising? Why do you invest in advertising and what is the ROI? This article will answer those questions and cover the Advertising Benefits.

Improves Communication

The first and most obvious benefit is communication. Over-communicating with your customers is better than under communicating, and it will help keep you top of mind. It is also critical to reach the vast retail audience. It also allows you to avoid the questions of “why didn’t I hear about this?” There are thousands of new products launched every year, and advertising helps you break through and open the doors to distribution. 

Gain Share

Gaining share is the primary bottom line benefit of advertising. Many marketers spend a lot of money on consumer advertising, yet without critical distribution, that money is wasted with highly impulsive CPG products and the fact that 83% of purchase decisions are made in-store. Gaining in-store real estate is more than half the battle. Once you have the distribution, you need to defend it and grow your share by educating the retailers on your products and secondary displays. For example, you could share stories about testosterone boosters.


Trade publications are highly targeted, helping you reach hundreds of thousands of retail outlets that you can sell to. That reach itself is a benefit, as the publications reach multiple buying levels and 59% of trade publication readers share issues with as many as eight additional people. 


About 26% of trade publication readers make corporate purchases based on the ads they see in a trade magazine. The ROI in a particular study was $12 in sales for every $1 invested. Comparatively speaking, that is better ROI than any consumer magazine marketing spend. Furthermore, 84% of trade magazine readers state they are more likely to consider products and services based on B2B advertising

Low Cost Per Contact

Advertising also has a huge financial benefit in that it provides a low cost per contact. The average cost per contact in trade advertising is 24 cents. That is less than a postage stamp and 1370 times less than an average sales call. With advertising comes media purchasing, with the average being between eight and 13 cents. Cost for contact advertising becomes even more attractive. 


We all know that if we have 10 different sales people, they will use 10 different approaches. Consistency is important to clearly communicating your strategy and benefits. In fact, Penton Media has done studies for over 10 consecutive years, showing a direct correlation to trade ad spending and clear company strategy rankings.

Controlled Message and Timing

Another benefit is controlling your content and the timing. You can craft a six second message that your entire team can benefit from and strategically run ads on specific dates to influence key buying cycles timed with your cell.  The more impressions your company and brand can make, the more top of mind you will be.Advertising Benefits

Frequency and Commitment

Advertising provides the benefit of frequency, allowing you to improve your share of voice. You also get the benefit of commitment through advertising. Your sheer presence in trade publications demonstrate your leadership and commitment to your industry and retail channels, Advertising Benefits

Create Reliability

Trade publications are one of the most relied on formats that are used by retailing executives, with 90% of retailers using trade magazines to stay on top of industry news and trends. In fact, trade publications are the first place retailers turn to for information on new products in new initiatives, Advertising Benefits


Credibility is another key benefit. Putting your ad in a resource that has been trusted for generations adds instant credibility and relevance. In fact, nothing involves senior level executives as intensely as business media, and nine out of 10 operators use a combination of print and digital media to obtain insights. E-newsletters are an invaluable resource, with an overwhelming majority of operators taking action to obtain more information,Advertising Benefits

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