Advantages of Using Central Vacuum System in Large Industrial Buildings


Henry Gregory, Negosentro |  The big companies usually need huge buildings for accommodating all their staffs working in several departments. The dust and dirt naturally get accumulated on building over a certain period of time. Also, there are so many employees and visitors moving around the office throughout the day. It is not cost effective to employ numbers of sweepers to keep an entire commercial building clean all through the day. So, the option of installing central vacuum system is considered the most convenient one by many company managements. There are many benefits of using this kind of cleaning system in any office for both the employers and the employees.

Facilities available due to the use of central vacuum system

#1. Easy to carry – The main power unit of the central vacuum system should be placed away from the crowds of the office. But it comes in a portable size and has a conveniently lightweight hose that is only 9 metres long. So, the position of this vacuum cleaner can be shifted from time to time, as per the cleaning requirements in the office.

Central Vacuum#2. Simple operation process – There is a small switch on the handle of the hose that is to be pushed on to start the vacuum cleaning procedure. Moreover, this hose is made to be crush-proof to help in easy operation by anyone. So, no special training or skill is needed for the operation of this industrial vacuum cleaner. When the dirt is collected inside the hose, it should be turned over the specially designed VACPAN, where another switch is pressed on with a toe to transfer the accumulated dirt to the huge dirt bucket without any touching the garbage materials.   

#3. Cost effective service – The dirt bucket of this vacuuming system is so large that it needs to be unloaded only twice a year, for which the cost of hiring the sweepers for carrying the daily garbage is no more needed. The company also does not need to buy any extra bag or sack to store the vacuumed dirt of the office, as this vast bucket is enough.

#4. Prevents air pollution inside the office – The high power of the central vacuum system successfully draws all the dusts, dirt particles of all sizes, dust mites, pollen grains and other types of allergens that generally float in suspending manner in the air. Moreover, all types of smoke and bad odour are also absorbed by this vacuum machine. Therefore, the atmospheric air inside the office becomes totally free of all pollutions, which is healthy for everyone working inside.

#5. Provides absolute cleaning – The powerful vacuum system gives a perfectly clean and tidy look to the whole office premises; thus, enhancing the prestige of the company before the visitors, channel partners and corporate clients enter. The employees also feel more inclined to work in such well cleaned office space and healthy environment.

#6. Ensures better health of employees – The employees suffering from asthma or dust-allergies are highly benefitted by the installation of this efficient vacuum cleaner, as the indoor air is completely freed from all types of harmful pollutants. The dryness of the surrounding is another important feature demonstrated by the action of the vacuum cleaner.

These centrally placed vacuum systems are usually utilized only in large industrial buildings. This type of vacuum cleaner is said to be 5 times more powerful than the ordinary vacuum cleaner used at every domestic house. This vacuum cleaner does not make noise during the time of cleaning or cause any disturbance to the staffs working in the office. Thus, it can be used for multiple times in a day to keep the office area dust-free.