The Advantages of Offering Your Own Online Food Ordering System


Lindsay Liedke, Negosentro |  Your brick-and-mortar restaurant is likely doing well.  You probably have a regular influx of customers that enjoy your food and service, and come back all the time.  

But what are you doing about those that want to order your food online?

Food OrderWith the rise of third-party online food ordering systems like Bite Squad or GrubHub, you might be thinking to yourself that you don’t need POS software that caters to online food orders.  After all, your customers can simply log into their favorite third-party account, order food from your restaurant, and have it delivered in no time.

However, there are some compelling advantages to pulling the third-party online food ordering service and taking matters into your own hands.  

1. The Demand is There

Despite people saying they don’t like to order online and either pick up their order or have it delivered, the truth is, the demand is very real.  

In fact, as younger generations continue to take advantage of the convenience of online ordering, it has been shown that digital ordering is growing 300% faster than traditional dine-in traffic.  

Adding to that, the NPD Group has found that online food orders are quickly catching up to phone orders and will soon surpass them as the preferred method for ordering food on-the-go.

2. It’s Customizable

It’s not enough to have online food ordering available through third-party integrations.  You want to be able to customize your menu, checkout process, and miscellaneous form fields to fit your customers’ needs. However, using a third-party system forces you to follow their set up.

With your own ordering platform, you can make real-time changes to menu items and prices, as well as brand the ordering system to boost recognition for times those on-the-go want to sit down at your restaurant and enjoy a meal.

3. You Keep All the Profit

There is no doubt a lot of the profit you make using a third-party online food ordering system is being split between you and them.  After all, they need to pay the dispatchers, the drivers, and of course make a profit for themselves.

Host your own online food ordering system, cut out the middleman, and keep all the revenue to yourself.

4. There is No Competition

When you utilize the help of a third-party ordering system, your restaurant falls victom to the online bidding wars popular online food ordering companies have.  And, unless you make your restaurant available on all of the popular sites, which would drive profits down, your restaurant may experience a dip in online orders if the site your restaurant is available on loses out to the competition.

Instead, market your own online food ordering system on your company’s website, in-house fliers, and social media platforms.  Get the word out that you handle the online food ordering from start to finish and watch loyal customers make the switch.

In this digital age, it only makes sense for local restaurants to have online food ordering available.  Whether you require customers to pick up their to-go orders, or have a delivery service available, there are monetary benefits to striking out on your own using your own POS software and offering online food ordering strictly through your own hosted system.

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