Advantages and Disadvantages of Pneumatic Staplers


Deidra Washington, Negosentro |  A pneumatic stapler or a pneumatic staple gun is a hand-held machine used to drive heavy metal staples into wood, plastic or masonry with the help of air pressure. A pneumatic stapler is a tool that is commonly used in construction industry. It essentially resembles a gun with a trigger and a cartridge. The pneumatic stapler is one of the most powerful staplers. As the name suggests they require an air compressor to work yet they give us reliable results. They are heavy duty equipment and tool which help finish the task more easily and within less time.   

Working of a Pneumatic Stapler

The staples are drove into the work force rapidly and precisely. The pneumatic staplers are very intense models which are used by the experts in the developing and assembling field. The power in the staplers is provided through air therefore, they can go on and on for a long period of time without being expected to stop. The pneumatic staplers can beat the electric staplers in terms of freedom of movement. Also as far as the power of staplers is concerned they are by far the most powerful staplers. These heavy duty staplers can be utilized in all substantial sorts. Despite all the advantages the pneumatic models are very huge and are more expensive. The pneumatic staplers are very dangerous to use when bigger fasteners are used. They pose the risk of causing great harm in case of any mishap. Experts are always seen wearing gloves and other safety equipment or accessories while operating a pneumatic stapler.

Advantages of Using Pneumatic Staplers

  • Power – the most important advantage of using the pneumatic stapler is the power through which it operates. The staplers have been known to be the most powerful staplers. The staplers have made it easy to complete complex tasks at once without any grave issues. Therefore, power is one of the greatest advantages of using pneumatic staplers.
  • Lightweight – the pneumatic staplers despite being boisterous in nature are still lightweight compared to other types of staplers. Therefore, this lightweight feature allows us to operate the stapler freely that means the staplers are not bound in terms of freedom of movement.
  • Versatile – the pneumatic staplers are very versatile in nature. This means they can accept a wider range of staples as compared to other staplers. This acceptance allows the pneumatic staplers to be used over a variety of products. Therefore, we can get a lot of work done just by one f type of stapler.
  • Durability – the next most important point in the list of advantages is the durability of the stapler. The stapler is heavy duty equipment which never fails to fix or attach certain materials or products. Since this stapler is mostly used by the construction workers for construction purposes in the development stage we know that they give us everlasting results. Therefore, the pneumatic staplers are very durable and have gained popularity amongst various industries for application purposes.

Disadvantages of Pneumatic Staplers

  • Air compressor – the major disadvantage of pneumatic staplers is that they require air compressors to function properly. If we do not own an air compressor it might be very costly to purchase one after investing in the stapler itself.
  • Hazardous – as we know that the pneumatic staplers are the most powerful form of staplers. These high power staplers also come with added burden of risk and hazards of getting hurt bad.
  • Noisier – as we know the staplers operate at high power therefore, it is bound that they will be a cent percent noisier than an average electronic stapler.