Advantages of Choosing VRV Air Conditioning

VRV Air Conditioning

Kelly Samson, Negosentro | Are your employees always complaining about it being too hot or cold in the building? Is the office divided over the correct temperature for the air conditioning? Maybe your sales department is freezing while your IT department keeps wanting to lower the temperature? The ideal solution to this problem is VRV air conditioning, the adjustable cooling option for commercial buildings.

About VRV Air Conditioning

You might be wondering what exactly VRV air conditioning is, and what’s so special about it. A technology developed in the 1980s by Japanese brand Daikin, Variant Refrigeration Volume air conditioning allows for controllable cooling to each room and floor of commercial buildings and government offices. The system features several small air handlers as opposed to one massive unit, meaning they can be individually controlled and piped back to one system.

Being able to adjust the cooling in such a specific way ensures a more comfortable working environment for all your staff, no matter where in the building they are.

Energy Efficient

VRV air conditioners are also highly energy-efficient, which is much-needed when you are running a company and need to be mindful of your expenditure. The ability to adjust energy output for different levels and rooms allows you to save money on your energy bills, as the air conditioning unit is not blasting at full capacity throughout the day. Instead, the VRV air conditioner only emits as much energy as needed to cool each specific area.

The energy efficiency of VRV air conditioning also means it’s an environmentally friendly option, which is a criterion that you should always look at when choosing any form of technology.


If you find a quality cooling company, they will be able to design the layout and installation of the unit to suit your exact requirements. No matter the size of your building, with tailored VRV air conditioning installation, your entire team can stay comfortable and focus on the job at hand.

The VRV air conditioning system is easily adaptable to any floor plan, with outdoor and indoor units available.

Short Installation Time

When running an office, you cannot risk having your productivity compromised by lengthy and messy installation processes. The VRV system, unlike many others, can be installed quickly and easily by air conditioning specialists, meaning minimal disruption to your workplace.

Compact Size

The VRV air conditioning unit’s compact size means it utilises space efficiently and is not an eyesore in your workplace. It can be installed discreetly on rooftops, or in other small spaces, being a clever and compact cooling solution.

Quiet Operating Sound

In an office or government building, it’s essential that the air conditioning unit does not disturb your employees. The VRV air conditioning system operates quietly, thereby not being a distraction to your employees or clients.

User Friendly, Central Control

The VRV air conditioning system is extremely user-friendly, allowing for easy temperature adjustment across different levels and areas of the building. Certain models also come with an LCD remote controller, allowing for even easier adjustment.  The centralised control system also facilitates ease of use.

Advanced Air Treatment Systems

VRV units provide air treatment systems that are more advanced than many other air conditioning units. Air quality is improved through efficient ventilation, humidification and other techniques.


VRV air conditioning units are built to last, making them a worthwhile investment for your commercial building. Using a multiple-compressor invertor system, the system operation load can be distributed evenly. This means less burden on one particular part of the system, allowing the unit as a whole to last longer. Additionally, the fact that the unit only outputs as much energy as needed for each particular zone means less wear and tear in the long run.

Is it right for you?

VRV air conditioning makes for the perfect air conditioning system for commercial buildings, offices and government buildings. When managing a large team across multiple levels and departments, it’s key to ensure the comfort of everyone. VRV air conditioning allows for individual control of each small unit that comprises the system, meaning greater comfort for your staff. VRV air conditioning also comes with a host of other benefits, such as energy efficiency and reliability, that makes it a worthwhile investment for any managers seeking an ideal cooling option for their commercial building.

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