Addressing the Business Challenges Associated with Office Supplies

The Benefits of Roll Off Rental Addressing the Business Challenges Associated with Office Supplies | Addressing the Business Challenges Associated with Office Supplies | Office supplies are a mundane presence in the workplace. It rarely happens that they are seen as sources of problems. However, they can become a cause for concern. Many businesses fail to notice how their mishandling can become problematic.

Unnecessary wastage and theft

One of the biggest issues associated with office supplies is abusive use. Employees may use their supplies excessively. The printing of materials not related to work or important matters quickly depletes the printer ink or toner. Frequently misplacing small items such as fasteners accumulates into a significant cost over time. Using new paper even when writing or printing something that is not intended for formal presentation can quickly wipe out the paper supply in the office.

On the other hand, operating expenses may increase unjustifiably as employees take office supplies home without permission. Reams of bond paper, sticky notes, pens, and pencils are some of the items most commonly stolen by employees. It is a minor form of theft but still unacceptable. 

Businesses lose hundreds of thousands of pounds per year because of employee theft. Establishments in the retail industry tend to be the ones most affected. However, the problem is also prevalent in other forms of business. 

Improper use

Aside from unwanted waste and theft, office supplies also become a headache for business managers and an added burden to operations when they are misused. For example, toner or ink cartridges that are “borrowed” by employees to be used at home can hasten the wear and tear of printers. In other cases, the copiers or printers in the office are used by some employees for the school projects of their kids. With many employees doing these things frequently, it is not only the supplies that are overused. The abuse also accelerates the end of the useful life of office equipment.

Adverse implications of low-quality supplies

When businesses procure office supplies with poor quality, the consequences can range from the unpleasant to the critical. Buying substandard toners or inks may damage the printers or copiers. They may also degrade the equipment faster. Using low-quality paper for business correspondence may leave a bad impression on customers or business partners. 

Moreover, when businesses give preference to certain suppliers because of the low prices they offer, they may end up spending more because the supplies they obtained are defective. For instance, DVDs and flash drives bought in bulk for an enticingly low price may have more than half of them unusable. If users manage to store data in them, they may break down after a few uses. Worse, the files stored in them may end up getting corrupted.

Businesses need to pay attention to their office supplies management. Not many are able to detect the problem lurking in them. Many businesses lose considerable sums of money per year because they fail to detect the wastage, theft, improper use, and poor quality consequences of office supplies.

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