Adding Influencer Marketing to your Brand Strategy


Hannah Gozum, Negosentro |  Influencer marketing is when you partner with a respected individual in a specific field to promote your content. This increases your brand exposure and engagement through increased traffic and higher search engine rankings. Finding the right influencer is a crucial step in propelling your content marketing efforts to the next level. People are more likely to try a product if it is promoted by a trusted influencer.

Finding the right influencer isn’t always easy because you want someone who has a large enough audience to be worth your time, but small enough that they’ll want to work with you. Start by creating a list of top influencers in your industry, and make sure it includes authoritative influencers, aspirational influencers, and peer influencers. Then, analyze the audience and activity of each influencer to help you find the right match for your brand. The next step is to reach out and see if they are interested in working with you.

To learn more about influencer marketing and how to add it to your brand strategy, check out the following infographic. You’ll learn how to gauge influencers’ potential and when to know when it’s time to drop an influencer. Most consumers say they trust brand recommendations made by family and friends. A good influencer has an audience that considers them friends. Good luck finding the right match for your brand.IG - Influencer Marketing