A Simple Guide To Building A Successful E-commerce Site Without Using A Website Design Company

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Negosentro.com | A Simple Guide To Building A Successful E-commerce Site Without Using A Website Design Company | E-commerce is now a thing. Easy access to useful business resources on the internet such as social media platforms, paid advertisements, web hosting, etc. has made it easier for marketers to sell goods or services online. E-commerce is now reshaping how business operations work. It puts less emphasis on brick and mortar stores and puts more importance on more efficient and cost-effective ways to run an online business that generates a lot of money.

How much money are we talking about here anyway? According to this article, successful starting e-commerce websites make about $39,000 in revenue in their first month of business. In three years, expecting that they’re still doing pretty well, the same websites will make about $6.5 total revenue.

In relation to what I’ve said before, there is a big difference in building an e-commerce website and building a successful e-commerce website, without the help of ecommerce website design companies in Singapore. Running a successful site needs through planning and following the best practices in e-commerce. This will be the main topic of our discussion at this time. Stay still for a moment because I will be teaching you the basic requirements to become successful with e-commerce.

Building A Website Is A Must

The most essential element of e-commerce is a website. A website is everything in e-commerce. It is the main avenue where consumers may see and buy your offers. Also, it is your avatar in the online world. It’s on your website where you talk about what makes you different from other competitors and what makes your products good. 

Building a website may be done in two ways – building with the aid of a website building software or hiring a professional web developer. The former and the latter have their own advantages. Building with a website making software is cost-efficient mainly because you’re doing things on your own. On the other hand, the advantage of seeking the aid of a web developer is that you’ll have a website that’s really reliable.

If you’re not knowledgeable with I.T and programming, I suggest that you build a website with a web developer.

Make Sure That Your Website Represents Who You Are

While in the process of building your website, be sure that it follows a design or motif that goes with the character of your business. Colors, graphics, icons, and even website animations are important factors of this. For example, if your e-commerce site is all about beauty products then using girly colors such as orange, pink, or light red is a must. On the other hand, if your site is all about tech, then a yellow and black color scheme won’t be bad. 

What I’m trying to say is all details-large or small- must complement each other to form a single idea. Unnecessary elements will make your e-commerce look awkward and may even ruin the experience of users. Your website should stay true to the idea behind its creation for it to be successful. 

Get A Good Domain From A Reputable Provider

Now that your website is looking good and is ready for publishing, you need to purchase a domain to keep things moving. What is a domain anyway? In a nutshell, it is your website address. Without a domain, future clients can’t access your website using their computers or smartphones. 

The tricky thing about domains is that it has a lot of providers. There are hundreds of companies offering cheap domains and choosing which ones are the best is difficult. To make this easy, consider these things;

  • a good domain provider offers maintenance for your site
  • a good domain provider offers security checks on your site
  • a good domain provider allows your site to load quickly
  • a good domain provider doesn’t give your site frequent downtimes (lots of uptime for your site)
  • doesn’t have to be cheap but the price must be reasonable with respect to their services

SEO Is the Clutch Play of The Game

If building a website is a game, then SEO is the clutch play that makes you stand out from the rest. But wait, what is SEO you ask? SEO pertains to Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, your customers will immediately see your website upon hitting that search button. Your site will immediately appear on the first page of Google if it has good SEO. What if your SEO is bad? In this case, then I’ll just have to find you through Bing. 

It is a well-settled rule that good SEO is directly related to website traffic. This means that SEO best practices are important so that lots of customers will visit your website.

So what are the best practices? One common strategy that a successful e-commerce site does nowadays is creating a page for blogs and articles. The blog and article page is to talk about the features and other things that make your product special. However, for it to be useful you need to consider the following:

  • incorporate keywords with high search volumes (these are common words or phrases that people use to search for a product or offer)
  • no made-up facts and statistics (Google will request you to delete your content if you put something highly controversial or irrelevant)
  • links are a must. A single article or blog must have hyperlinks that connect it to at least five other sites. Preferably, these sites must not be your competitors.
  • the article or blog must be useful. Inform people first, sell later. In simple words, provide value in your content.

Another practice that a successful e-commerce site does is uploading videos and photos in their pages. It’s a requirement that the pictures are not stock images ( they’re really cheesy) and the videos are 100% original (be wary of copyright disputes). 

As we end, what I’ve discussed here are the brick and mortar of building a successful e-commerce website. Ask professionals and they will tell you the same. That said, there are no shortcuts and you really have to adhere to these fundamentals. 

More power to your business and don’t forget to include this page on your favorites list. 

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