A Quick Guide on How to Experience Gin Like a Pro

A Quick Guide on How to Experience Gin Like a Pro

A Quick Guide on How to Experience Gin Like a Pro | Gin is one of the most flavorful and exciting alcoholic drinks out there. You may want to learn how to level up your experience of this fascinating drink. This article is a quick guide on how you can enhance your knowledge on gin tasting that not only proves to be a great way to cap off a hectic day but can also be beneficial for your mind and health.

Open the Bottle and Smell the Gin

A considerable portion of our experiences of any flavour comes from the olfactory sense or the sense of smell. If you hold your nose, you won’t be experiencing much of the flavours when you’re gin tasting. It applies not only to appreciating gin but any food and drink. Ask yourself what you can detect from the gin. Is it offering peppery flavours or something flowery and citrus?

Drink Your Gin Neat at Room Temperature

Please don’t be anxious about drinking your gin neat since we only talk about ingesting a tiny amount. Pour a bit of gin into a glass and sip a small amount. Slide it over your tongue, then swallow gently. You will be sensing the different flowers and botanicals. Keep in mind that the sides of your tongue also have taste buds. It will help if you get the gin coat your entire tongue. You will be getting more out of the tasting.

Try Gin Over Ice

Pour a few ounces of gin over a block of ice. In this manner, you will usually find the flavours opening up, and you will be tasting something new. It is because the water of the ice infuses the alcohol and oils of the gin. This process allows the different molecules to be released, creating a flavourful drink.

Try Cocktail or Gin and Tonic

Tasting plain gin with ice or as neat should give you an exact idea of the flavours it has and which you approve of. It could be a good guide for whether you want to infuse tonic or go straight up cocktails.

Tips on How to Select the Best Gin for You

  • Learn Everything You Can About It

It will depend on what you want to get out of your love for the drink. Some people are gin pros and consider themselves gin geeks. You can search online for groups who are lovers of gin and read all about their experiences. You might also want to go to gin tasting classes. There are numerous classes all over the country. In this manner, you will get to know everything about this drink. You will be in the loop about distilling techniques, the botanicals used, and the spirit that goes into it.

  • Price

You must also factor in the price. Although a majority of distillers will take advantage of the economy of scale, smaller distilleries cannot compete based on price.

  • Quality and Taste

However, keep in mind that smaller distilleries can compete in terms of sustainability as well as their providence. Most importantly, they have better taste and overall quality. So, keep in mind that if you visit a new location or town, make sure to discover the local gin distillery and see if you can have a drink or two and look around at their establishment. You can also check the area where you live for local distilleries. Check out the food and drink markets. You can typically sample a drink before deciding to make a purchase.

Gin is a fascinating drink, and many people choose it as their choice to wind down after a stressful day. It has rich flavours that come from healthy ingredients and spices. However, keep in mind that you need to consume it in moderation for you to harness the benefits of this drink.

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