A Professional Appeal: 4 Reasons Why Serviced Offices Are the Way to Go

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Getting a fully fitted and furnished office can save you a lot of headaches. This applies to new and established businesses in a variety of industries. Single and multiple companies can coexist in the same building. This is a popular way to put business resources where they belong instead of being stretched too thin in other areas, so check it out!

1. One Of A Kind Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are more common since you will be sharing the building with different companies. A serviced office will have a great mix of businesses with the rising potential for a long-term partnership. This will allow your brand to sell services and products to a new set of customers. Certain clients that may have seemed out of reach are now possible business partners. You can develop these same relationships outside of a serviced office, but the key here is convenience. Being able to collaborate in such close proximity is valuable to a business.

Marketing collaborations are one of the ways that networking proves beneficial for serviced offices. A joint campaign is easier to set and maintain if successful. Conferences that target multiple business interests can reach a larger audience with a serviced office. This type of setup requires a concentrated effort on both sides to achieve maximum results. Brands that cater to niche areas will benefit the most from networking within a serviced office. Instead of putting massive resources into an advertising campaign, a small business can focus on other important areas of a growing business. It is a scenario where you can still prioritize company growth without straining other parts of your business.  

2. Expansions Don’t Disrupt Your Business

The time will come where business grows beyond the space you’ve rented. Moving will interrupt normal business services and force you to sacrifice time, manpower and resources. A serviced office makes expansion trivial by getting rid of the need to change physical addresses. Instead of expanding to a new zip code and relocating resources, you can move to a different floor and keep everything intact. This also works with a company that needs to downsize quickly without changing to a new address. You can shrink your workspace in the fraction of the time it would take if you had a regular office.

Expansions run the risk of losing workers that don’t want to commit to a new commute. In the process of moving, the business has to slow down, and in some cases come to a complete halt. Delays associated with paperwork and money changing hands can further impact the bottom line of a company that moves to a new building. Your infrastructure size does not matter if the delays keep piling up before you can set up the new space. Both small and large companies can face similar hurdles when moving to a new building.

3. A Professional Space On The First Day

Delays and uncertainties can kill a business. With a serviced office, you get a professional workspace in less than half the time. Make the office an extension of your brand by getting workers and clients familiar with the setup. Instead of delaying important hiring’s and meetings until the building is ready, be prepared before the business is off of the ground. People notice these small touches, and it can go a long way in cementing an early partnership. A serviced office can become the community hub for workers that are tired of dealing with a ‘work in progress’. There is a challenge in getting a new office ready when the business is already in full swing. That is why a serviced office can ease the stress of moving to a new space. You can skip a lot of the early headaches and continue operations as normal.

Uniformity is a part of professionalism in the workplace. Since you have control over the office environment, it is less likely that employees will complain about tools and resources. They won’t have to wait for their tech to get installed in the middle of a workday. The necessities are ready the moment the ink dries on the lease. And when a business is on a hiring spree, a serviced office is much more attractive to a potential worker than a work in progress office.

4. Saves Money

Cost effectiveness is one of the first things on a company’s mind when going for serviced offices. If you take the rent price of a regular office, it will always be cheaper than a serviced office. The main difference between the two is that a serviced office comes with equipment, maintenance services and furnishings. All of that by itself could end up costing you a fortune. There is also the additional financial and time cost of having everything set up in a way you like. Even if you’re not in a rush to get everything off of the ground, it is more efficient to have a serviced office with everything ready to go. That way, any last adjustments you need to make can be done without a time crunch.

Utilities are also included in the rental fee, so the bulk costs of your business are available on a single bill. The convenience is only marred if you need telecommunication or IT services. These will most likely be separate from your main bill that includes the rent. It is a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth building setup. Contract length is another reason to choose serviced offices. Shorter lease terms are available and can be as little as three months at a time. The type of company you run can incorporate the shorter lease terms into a longer financial strategy.

Wrap Up

Although losing some personalization with your office is a minor drawback, it doesn’t outweigh the other benefits. Serviced offices are here to stay, and will give any business a great boost to productivity. If your brand is important, consider the many benefits of settling into a serviced office.

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