A Handy Guide to Buying a Used Car

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Negosentro | A Handy Guide to Buying a Used Car | Trust is the primary factor that is cashed by car manufacturers and big brands such as Lamborghini and Rolls Royce to sell high-value cars with Private Plates. We all trust them and buy their models without making objections to the quality. 

However, the scenario in second-hand cars is different as there are chances that the car you’re buying, whether it’ll be a Mercedes or Hyundai; they all lack trust. Most of the time, people think that one has sold his car due to some defects; otherwise, he wouldn’t have sold it. 

It’s a proven fact that the purchase of a car is the second most significant source of happiness after getting married to your girlfriend. So, there is no surprise that the buyers are going to be cautious about all the details of a particular purchase.

Ask for Recommendations 

In sales and marketing, a friend’s referral is way better than the fancy endorsement by Hollywood celebrities. Do some research and ask your friend to refer to some brands and models that possess a white paper in performance. 

Your friends and relatives will not only give you a genuine opinion about the models but will also suggest some shops that have used cars for sale near your hometown. 

Don’t consider a new model 

Many dealers may try to put mud in your eyes by repairing its major faults and washing it with shiny polishes. Likewise, don’t trust their word of mouth as they’re sellers and may give you a bad option with sugar quoted words.

A new model that runs about 15,000 km is not a viable option in buying a used car: a car that is used around 50,000 km has more reliability than the newer ones. So, don’t go with the latest one but with the later one. 

Size of the car

“Size does matter,” yeah, It’s right in every situation. The dimensions of the car will make you repent on your decision to buy that particular model. Moreover, several things should be considered before purchasing an excel size car for the next five to ten years.

As you know that the size of the parking lots has been shrinking, which makes trouble for us to park the car far from our destinations. The size of your garage where you need to park it will also be a crucial thing one needs to keep in mind. 

Verified original documents

Before putting a seal on the deal, always ask for the car’s documents. For instance, transfer order form, car registration number and certificate (original), and a slip of token tax ownership as well. It is so because the dealers sell many of the stolen cars, and you may get into trouble after buying it in less than the market value. 

In the end, make sure they all are originals, not the carbon copies, as they can be generated falsely as well. And never forget to bargain the price as they’re not the new models and without any defects. 

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