A Complete Guide to Discord

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A Complete Guide to Discord | Discord is an online chat service that was created by gamers, for gamers. It’s designed to be more than just a messaging system. With features like voice chat and screen sharing, Discord can help your team collaborate on content while gaming together! If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your gaming experience with other players in real-time, then read on to learn more about this awesome tool!

When was Discord created?

Discord was founded in 2015 but only launched as a public beta in May of 2016.

How does Discord help gamers communicate?

The biggest features that make Discord special are its voice chat and screen share capabilities. Voice chat allows you to connect with your teammates while playing together online, and the text-based chat functions allow it to work just as well for planning strategies or making last-minute changes to a game plan. The screen share features are great if you want to show your team exactly what’s going on in the game so that everyone can step up their role and contribute more effectively!

Why is Discord so popular?

Discord continues to gain in popularity because the gaming ecosystem continues to grow. More and more players are online gaming, using voice chat to communicate with their teammates. Discord is the perfect tool for gamers who want better coordination and communication within their teams.

What is a Discord server?

A discord server is a community or group of gamers/users who have decided to use the Discord app as their primary means for voice communication. The servers are usually named after specific games, and can be opened by anyone in order to join!

How do I grow a discord server?

Growing a Discord server is like growing any other type of social media account or community. It takes time and a lot of work. However, sharing your Discord link on social media is the best way to grow a server and while there are other sites that sell Discord members – the best way to grow is always organic.

What are the best practices for growing a discord server?

There’s no one specific way to grow a Discord community, however here is some general advice that can help you out: 

  • Posting your link in-game chats
  • Sharing on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (be careful not to spam though!)
  • Reaching out to other members of popular servers with large followings and asking them if they would be interested in joining yours. 

Don’t just copy what they’re doing or ask without offering something unique – this will put people off!

Is it possible to make money from a Discord server?

Yes! As with many other things in life, the first step is to create something great. 

For UGC servers (user-generated content), you can monetize via paid subscriptions or donations – be sure your community are aware of this before doing so as it could damage their trust if they feel like you’re taking advantage. 

Ask users what kind of perks they’d be interested in seeing for a subscription and make them worth paying for – maybe special emoji packs? A different color name on chat? Exclusive channels & voice rooms?! There’s plenty to choose from, just put yourself in your members’ shoes and think about how much value that would bring them.

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