A Complete Guide to Care for Your Garden This Summer

A Complete Guide to Care for Your Garden This Summer
Photo by Leigh Patrick from Pexels

Negosentro | A Complete Guide to Care for Your Garden This Summer | Summer is a great time to live your life outside. The foundation of enjoying outdoor activities is a beautifully-looking garden.

Spending your time outside to grow and maintain healthy grasses is vital. However, not nearly as vital as having a great time with your friends and family.

Similar to an online instant lawn, caring for your garden during summer needs more than just mowing and watering weekly. In order for you to be in great shape, you may get rid of pests and weeds and consider the following tips:

1. Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing your garden is among the best steps you may take to make the lawn look good. Doing so early enough will give the grass the nutrients it requires before the peak season. This is especially vital if you live near areas that experience drought.

The right kind of fertilizer for the grass you grow may depend on several factors. If the grass is struggling with pests or grubs, consider fertilizers with insect control. For a drier area susceptible to droughts, get fertilizers with enough strong root systems and water penetration.

2. Mow High

Mow your grass high so as to allow heat tolerance and growth of strong roots. Taller grasses normally provide additional shade, allowing you to keep the weed from growing and competing with the grass.

Start the process by sharping the mower blades. Dull blades can shred and tear your grass rather than offering it a cleanout. This makes your grass even more vulnerable to losing water.

3. Water the Lawn

Hot and dry weather will deplete the moisture in the soil. In order to avoid this, you need to water your garden thoroughly. This can be twice or thrice a week.

You might want to counter-check that the area is not experiencing drought conditions, which may call for some water restrictions. In this case, you must cut back on the water and even allow your garden to go dormant.

But if everything is all good, the right time to water your garden is in the morning – preferably sunrise. This will prevent the sun from drying the moisture out before your garden soaks it up.

4. Reseed and Renovate

An older lawn might have different varieties of grass, which cannot deal with the heat. Grasses might grow in a bunch or have ugly and thick blades.

Plus, the hot summer may leave thin areas and bare spots around your lawn. But newer varieties of grasses have already been developed to look good and deal with the scorching heat from the sun.

5. Aerate the Lawn

With time, a lawn may become compacted by heavy use. Grasses don’t like to be grown on compacted soil. So it might become bare or think in those spots.

In order to fix this, consider driving a garden fork into the soil so as to make some holes. If you have a big area, which is compacted, hire an aerator to make the work easier for you.

To Wrap-Up!

You can enjoy a lush green lawn this coming summer by giving your garden proper maintenance. Well-manicured lawns are basically the highlight of every summer season. It can serve as the backdrop for a barbeque and where your kids may run barefooted. With a little bit of care, your lawn can be as plush as a carpet.

Photo by Leigh Patrick from Pexels

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