A broad look at how architects are paid in the US

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Negosentro.com | A broad look at how architects are paid in the US | As an architect, what can you expect to earn? Take a look and find out more.

An architect’s job is one of the most creative ones you can do and one of the best paying. Despite the competition in this niche, it is possible for you to enjoy success with your brand-new architect’s degree. 

If you make the right start with the right credentials, you can land a job that pays you well and has great opportunities for growth as well. Not sure what salaries you should expect as an architect?? Take a look.

Average salaries prevailing in the niche

On average a Principal architect makes around $134,729 a year in the US as per surveys. The salary could range from anywhere between $121,000 and $153,500. It depends on a number of factors that include your skill levels, your qualifications, the experience you have, your designation, and also general market conditions.

According to Career explorer, a beginner level architect may draw approximately $23 per hour or close to $50,000 a year. Your salary may vary with the location you are based at too. The size of the firm you are employed with also matters when it comes to the remuneration you are given. 

Firms with more than 240 employees pay higher salaries than small firms, for both freshers and experienced architects. Remember that bigger firms may have more to offer in terms of perks and benefits to employees as well, and those would add on to the take-home you stand to earn.

If you are based in New York, you are likely to get paid more than your architect colleagues anywhere else in the country. In a location like Florida, you may not find very high paying opportunities.

How to maximize your earning potential

Thankfully, there are ways for you to improve your earning potential and ensure that you get a paycheck that makes your friends envious of you. Adding to your list of credentials can work magic in this aspect. If you spot an opportunity for a specialization in a niche that is enjoying good demand, make sure to take it at once and get a certification. 

Keep yourself updated about the happenings in the industry so that you know what employers are looking for at present. That tells you what kind of credentials will help you most in landing a well-paid position with a reputed architect’s firm.

You can also take up internships at large firms first, even while you are studying, to make your resume impressive and your negotiating competence stronger. Honing communication and presentation skills is a good way to ensure that you know exactly what to say and how to say it to future employers to get the best possible pay package they can offer.

If you are setting up your own firm

It is not necessary that you must work for someone if you want to make it big in this field. You can also start your own architect’s firm and enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss. However, if you are starting out on your own, keep this in mind: getting the right kind of insurance, not just general liability but also professional liability cover, is crucial. 

A professional architect’s liability insurance plan covers you when you face a lawsuit from a client who is dissatisfied with your service. In such a situation, the insurance takes care of your court fees, your attorney fees, and damages you may have to pay. It also safeguards your business from the financial burden of the lawsuit, which can be quite massive. Obtain adequate architect’s liability insurance today and protect your firm from client litigations.