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Negosentro.com | A Brand-new Life of Your Business with SignNow | If your life is quick and you keep your mind overloaded, don’t hesitate to automatize the daily routine. Stop spending time making copies of documents, signing them manually, and moving around the city or even the world to get to the client or partner. Nowadays, all procedures can be easily conducted online. Be ready to sign documents remotely and save at least 6 hours a day.

Users highly rate SignNow and give it a score of 4.7 out of 5. Now, the site has more than 20 million clients. 

What You Can Do 

  1. Process the documents and keep track of them.
  2. Sign and use the documents an unlimited number of times.
  3. Send the document for signature to those who don’t possess an account on the site.
  4. Negotiate the contract by approving its late version.
  5. Automatically generate invoices and receipts.
  6. Make use of payment forms and accept payments.
  7. Use the mobile version.
  8. Enjoy the automatic renewal of a subscription
  9. Receive 24/7 support and guidance

The Main Reasons to Visit the Site


  1. The data is ciphered with SHA-256 encryption so that no access is allowed for other individuals. 
  2. Your confidential information is kept on Amazon S3 data centers in the USA. 
  3. The site provides you with a report on how the documents are used and by whom. 
  4. Your documents are expected to remain stored, regardless of what happens.
  5. You can prefer double protection. The way to access the document may be to leave a signature, answer mobile, fill in the password, or receive a message.

The site is compliant with:

  • a HIPAA insurance law 
  • PCI DSS, which is a security standard for credit cards
  • access to standard OAuth 2.0


Once you accomplish registration, you can see a new page of the site. To generate a document, click on the “Start Uploading Documents Now”. Upload a document. Once the document is uploaded, press on the “Invite to sign”. You will be able to send it to your client for his or her signature.

Secondly, three tutorials are available on how to send the document for signing, how to sign the paper, and how to edit it. 

To learn how to sign the document, you need to click on the “Signing a document” button so that a new sample document appears. Fill in the fields and see how it works. 

Whenever any questions appear, you are welcome to browse the Frequently Asked Questions section. Scroll the introductory page to the end. The answers are often related since the procedure of signing the document experiences rare changes.

The list of questions and answers is not limited to the ones available on the web page. You can see even more or appeal directly to the support team.

Thirdly, the interface of the SignNow website is quite intuitive and user-friendly. All the categories are present at the top of the introductory page. Whatever question appears, you can instantly get the answer. Want to know the price? Go to the “Pricing” section. What to know about the products? Go straight to the “Products” category. Need illustration? Click on the “Samples”. Are you seeking proper advice? “Support” will be an option. Decided to give it a try? The “Free trial” button is waiting for you.


Users can choose from the three prepaid plans available. Try the free version by creating your Sandbox account. Fill in your email address. No personal information is required at this stage. No sales pitches are needed. You get unlimited test keys within 7 days. 

After choosing the Business program for 8 dollars per user/month, you get no more than ten senders with a fee for an additional one, a basic field for creation by senders, and not a restricted number of templates. You will also be able to send the documents for signature.

The business Premium program broadens functionality even further. It provides you with notifications and the possibility to share signing links without adding an email address of the receiver, send the documents to several receivers at once, and even make a customized signing, which will outline the brand of your company. All these features are available for 15 dollars per user/month.

The Enterprise plan enables users to perform a few more options. You get calculated and confidential fields, the ability to ask the document recipients for payments, and a possibility to receive additional materials apart from the signature. You pay 30 dollars per user/month.

The Brand

SignNow is a brand. So, you must follow the rules of its logo usage. The site provides you with advice on how to conduct the placement, choose the right background, and adjust the style and color and gives you topography guidance. Don’t hesitate to incorporate this knowledge into life. The information may be useful in terms of designing your logo or a site established by your company.

Customers’ Approval

People like the prompt and easy navigation, the opportunity to avoid meeting with clients, shortened business deadlines and early deal closures, protection, detailed and precise guidance, and the ability to save the paper. Check out more on https://www.g2.com/products/signnow/reviews#survey-response-4331907 and https://www.capterra.com/p/154418/SignNow/#reviews.

Do It

The registration procedure takes several minutes. Fill in your email address and come up with a password. Don’t be scared to forget it. It is changeable. All you need is access to the email.

With SignNow, you will never be worried that you always lack time. Let modern technologies become part of your life and business.

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