A Basic Guide About Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

Negosentro | A Basic Guide About Commercial Electrician | A commercial electrician plays a prototypical role for installation of commercial electrical wiring in buildings, complexes, or malls. Commercial properties are much larger than residential properties and need more attention and expertise to maintain. It is also important to note that a residential electrician is different from commercial technician. Only a commercial technician can take care of elaborate electrical work that takes place at a mega level. Residential electricians are mostly not capable of measuring up this huge volume of work in a commercial property. So, electricians hired for commercial properties are competent enough to handle big projects most effectively and specialize in electrical repair work or installation of wire in commercial buildings.Commercial Electrician

Every successful business has a need for commercial technician to get the electrical services done to power the office building. They have the right set of skills and experience to keep the best condition of the office. Regular servicing by commercial technician can prevent the electrical disruptions in the building. They are responsible in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems. There are multiple reasons for choosing commercial electricians for your building that will be elaborated in the below section.

Main Responsibilities:

  • They install and repair electrical equipment and fixtures.
  • Commercial electrician also helps in installation of different raceways and cable tray systems.
  • They ensure premium quality service by adhering to the safety codes of the building premises.
  • The professionals can regularly maintain commercial electrical wiring and systems.
  • They can troubleshoot motor and control systems.
  • An electrician effectively communicates with foremen and crew members of the commercial building or premises.

Benefits of Hiring A Commercial Electrician:

  • Commercial electrician is an expert who installs automated lighting system or modern lighting in the commercial property. They ensure proper lighting in the building; if need arises, they are always available to install all types of lighting.
  • Any business owner prefers their electrical work to be done by a professional who can comply with the various electrical codes.
  • These electricians are licensed to work in a commercial building and mostly hold license to execute their service.
  • They have an eye for electrical hazards; they can easily detect the hidden problems and provide the ultimate solution to any workplace safety hazard.
  • They minimize the chances of electrical dangers or fires.
  • They plan the electrical systems before conducting the final job of piping or tubing.
  • They prepare the blueprints to install the conduits and electrical wiring. 
  • They can fix the damaged switches, circuit breaker panels, and relays.
  • A proficient electrician can wire instruments and control the power, lighting, and heating units in a commercial building.
  • They use the necessary tools like Sawzall’s, pliers, screwdrivers, and knives to do the electrical works. They are also familiar with new tools to tackle any unusual electrical issues.

Things You Need To Do Before The Electrician Begins His Work:

  • If you need to remove any machinery and equipment, make sure you do that in advance.
  • Each electrical equipment may require different voltage; if you are unaware of the fact, enquire about it and prepare the worksite in advance
  • Learn more about the number of machines that will be required by commercial electrician. Ask them if they will get the equipment with them or can use some of the spare equipment or machines you have at home.
  • Prepare your phone lines, computers, network equipment, cash registers, etc.
  • If you need a specific lighting like automated lighting, low voltage lighting, recessed lighting, or high bay lighting for installation at commercial building, then keep that prepared in advance.

So, this was a basic informative guide explaining all key aspects related to a commercial electrician. Remember to keep in mind all above mentioned pointers while hiring the same. Failing to hire a professional and licensed technician can cause more harm than good in countering an electrical hazard.