9 Best Supplements of 2022

Why Should You Induce Collagen Supplements to Your Diet?  9 Best Supplements of 2022

9 Best Supplements of 2022 | With each new year comes another batch of resolutions to get healthier and more fit. While resolutions may get a lot of bad press, if done correctly, they can actually be a great way to jump-start a new effort. If you have goals of improving your health in 2022, the right mix of supplements can help you achieve them. Here are nine of the best that you’ll want to keep an eye on in the coming year.

  1. Probiotics

There is a lot of information coming onto the health scene about gut health, and probiotics are an excellent tool to add to your arsenal. They are also one of the easiest ways to ensure your gut has a variety of beneficial microbes, especially when you can get them in a vitamin-packed green superfood powder.  

  1. Plant-Based Protein

Another powder that is worth taking a look at is plant-based protein. Although whey protein products have been around for a long time, more and more people are turning to plant-based options. These are particularly helpful for those who have embraced a vegan lifestyle since they are not made from milk products.

  1. Zinc

If you have had any concerns about your immune system or even if you ate just prone to seasonal colds, you may have heard about adding a zinc supplement to your diet. Low levels of this nutrient have been directly linked to an increased risk of contracting certain infectious diseases. At high doses, it may help reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms. However, you should be careful to avoid taking too much; zinc toxicity can lead to serious complications. 

  1. Turmeric

The active ingredient in this flavorful kitchen staple — and what gives it that vibrant yellow hue — is curcumin. It is packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a favorite among those looking to relieve chronic inflammation. 

There is general agreement that curcumin can be beneficial to health. Plus, turmeric’s many uses make it easy to administer. That is why there is a lot of new research uncovering how turmeric can be used to effectively combat some of the more prevalent health conditions. 

  1. Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine is one of the most common joint supplements available. It is usually taken in combination with chondroitin and is readily available in virtually any pharmacy. There is a ton of research showing that it supports healthy joints, making it a go-to favorite for those with osteoarthritis. While some newer research has suggested the effects may be due to the placebo effect, it is generally considered safe and recommended by many physicians.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that becomes less abundant within the body as you age. It is incredibly hydrating and works throughout the body. Many people are familiar with hyaluronic acid as a skin care supplement. However, more recent information shows that it can also be beneficial for a host of health concerns ranging from osteoarthritis to dry eye. 

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements is an excellent way to support heart health. They are essential to proper biological functioning, yet the body is unable to make them on its own. That is why many people turn to supplements.

  1. Saw Palmetto

This popular herbal remedy comes in various forms, but it is often taken as a pill or capsule. It is a common ingredient in supplements for prostate and urinary tract health. There is also some indication that it may help with male pattern baldness. Despite its popularity, there is definitely a need for more solid research about the effectiveness of saw palmetto for urinary system health. 

  1. Thrive Patch

What is Thrive? You’ve heard of nicotine patches, right? The idea behind the nicotine patch is simple, but revolutionary — create a way for smokers to satisfy and eventually overcome nicotine cravings, by allowing the nicotine to pass into the body directly through the skin, eliminating the need for cigarettes and helping smokers reduce their cravings without intense withdrawal symptoms. While nicotine patches may be the most widely recognized example of transdermal delivery, they certainly aren’t the only application. Patches to combat motion sickness, treat alzheimers, and even deliver birth control have all arrived on the scene. But what about a patch for weight management and overall health?

Supplements can help you get the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Depending on your diet and health concerns, it might be worth looking into adding things like zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, or turmeric to your routine. 

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