8 Ways to Make Money Online that Require No Specialist Experience

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The internet has created a massive opportunity for people with no specialist skills to make cash online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. The rest is down to your entrepreneurial talent and willingness to work hard. If you need to earn some extra money this year, see if any of the following money-making ideas appeal.

Write Fiction

Arguably, writing fiction requires talent and skill, but equally, it is possible to earn money by writing fiction that caters for a specific niche. Thanks to e-publishers like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords, anyone can become a successful author. Romance is best left to the experts unless you understand the tropes and can hit all the right beats, but erotica has plenty of room for new writers, especially if you are willing to explore some of the darker kinks.

Open an E-Commerce Store

It has never been so easy to sell physical products online. Anyone can create an eBay account or sell items on sites like Gumtree. Begin by selling your unwanted clothing or junk, then once you have a taste for retail, source stock from sellers on Alibaba. It costs very little to ship goods from China and then sell them on eBay. However, research your target niche first to ensure it is profitable. Over saturated niches such as lingerie or pet accessories are hard to make money in, as the profit margins are so low.

Create Artwork

There is always a market for artwork. Of course, you do need to have some talent to make serious money, but if you can create an attractive, original piece of artwork, it is worth creating an outlet on a site like Etsy. Try and think outside the box to maximize your earnings. For example, some images work well as prints or phone cases. If your artwork looks good as a digital image, consider having some cheap prints or phone cases made that will appeal to buyers wanting an inexpensive gift.

Trade Forex

Trading forex is not as difficult as many people think. To trade forex, all you need is a trading account with an online broker such as easyMarkets Australia. You don’t need to deposit a huge amount into your account. Start small and develop a trading strategy before you begin risking your capital. Learn the ropes with a demo account. This gives you a chance to get to familiarize yourself with all the terminology and trading tools.

Sell Your Skills

Do you have skills in a particular area? If you already have marketable skills, for example, in website design or bookkeeping, find people who need your skills and are willing to pay by the hour or day. There are dozens of freelancer websites where people can advertise their talents and find clients. Upwork is one such site, but there are many more. Competition is fierce, but once you have successfully completed a job, earning positive feedback makes it easier to find the next opportunity. It is also worth advertising your skills on social media. Many people use LinkedIn to market their talents. Include plenty of information about your skills in your LinkedIn profile and connect with anyone who might be interested in what you can offer their business. Also, be active in groups related to your niche, as you might catch the attention of someone looking to hire a freelancer.

Build a Niche Website or Blog

The days of making easy money from a niche website or blog are long gone. Google updates have made it far more difficult to achieve a good position in the SERPS and the internet is saturated with low-quality websites. However, if you create a useful website full of excellent content, you can still make money from it. Focus on building internet traffic. Once you have a steady stream of traffic, add ads and affiliate links. As long as you continue to update your website, it should generate a passive income over time.

Launch a YouTube Channel

Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube. Unless you are in the top 3% of YouTube stars, don’t plan on giving up your day job just yet, but once you have amassed around 1.4 million monthly views, you can expect to earn around $17,000 a year. The best way to build a revenue from a YouTube channel is to post content as often as possible and then share it on other social media channels. Yes, this requires a lot of hard work, but if you are vlogging about something that interests you, it won’t ever feel like work.

Use the Internet to Rent Our Your Home

As far as low effort goes, this one is a dream. If you are going away for a week, list your home on Airbnb and earn some money. The same applies if you have a spare room and don’t mind sharing your home with paying guests. On the downside, location is very important when determining the marketability of a property.

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