8 Ultimate Ways to Write Cover Letters Every Hiring Manager Wants to See

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Many of us tend to ignore the significance of attaching cover letters to CVs. But that isn’t really the way to present your profile to the hiring managers. A cover letter, especially in today’s era of fierce competition and time crunch serves as an easy gateway for the recruiters, helping them get a quick overview of your professional skills and other USPs if any.

Thus, in order to highlight the importance of cover letters and what exactly are the areas and actionable points prospective job hunters should consider and work on, here are 8 effective ways that can help you land a dream job by submitting ideal cover letters successfully.

#1. Blend personal interest in your job role

This certainly is a great way to showcase your skills and impress your employer with the same. It is to be noted that a cover letter is not only about highlighting your professional achievements and proficiency.

Rather it is always better to consider blending a bit of your personal interest with your professional role, so that a solid connection between your job role and how you choose to make your personal interests and hobbies a part of it gets established perfectly.

This can also be a nice way to create a good impression of your enthusiasm and professionalism successfully.

#2. Add what you appreciate about the organization

This is yet another great way to make a striking impression on your recruiters. Add a line or two saying:

The kind of versatility and a free work culture this company promotes is something truly commendable, which has always intrigued me to knock on your door.  I will be honored and overwhelmed to work on behalf of the organization, being a part of a globally acclaimed and leading digital marketing agency”.

This is a way to let your hiring managers know about the kind of research you did prior to applying for the job and that you’re truly enthusiastic to be a part of their organization.

#3. The idea is to keep it short and simple

If you are exaggerating the cover letter way too much, then probably you’re on the wrong route. As posted on fish4.co.uk, according to an employer survey, it has been found that 46% recruiters prefer half-page cover letters, while 24% of them prefer shorter pages and only 19 percent of the recruiters prefer a full-page cover letter.

Thus, it is evident that keeping the document short yet informative is the key to success in this matter.

You can consider keeping track of the word count by using some advanced tools available online at platforms like Word Counter, Word count Tools, Count of Words and many more.

#4. Check your grammar and rectify all errors immediately

The entire effort and time invested in your cover letter would simply go down the drain if you end up committing grammatical mistakes. No recruiter would entertain a cover letter filled with grammatical flaws and silly contextual errors. Thus, one can consider using integrated tools and applications like Grammarly, Reverso, and GrammarCheck  as an effective way to fix this dilemma. You can also use a free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector online.

#5. Do not forget to add salutations while composing the letter

While addressing the cover letter to your recruiter don’t just come up with a “Hello” or a “Hi”. That might not prove to be a nice way to portray things, especially when we are talking about CVs and cover letters.

Add “Dear Sir/Madam/ HR Manager/Name of the Company Recruiter”, so on and so forth, depending on who is there at the recipient’s end.

#6. Refrain from using plagiarized content; cheat sheets doesn’t work

You may find a cover letter sample impressive, eventually ending up tempted to use the passage or the content in your document. Hold on! First of all, no recruiter is fool enough not to understand that the words used in the document aren’t original and merely copy-pasted.

Secondly, chances are that you might end up having your CV blacklisted on the ground of plagiarism, since this practice isn’t at all considered a noble one from any aspect. In case of any confusion and uncertainty in this context, one safe way to detect and rectify plagiarism in your cover letter is to use online tools and applications available these days, comprising quetext, turnitin, duplichecker and many more.

#7. Consult professional agencies in case you’re perplexed

You can always get in touch with various professional writing agencies like Essay Assignment Help Australia, My Assignment Help, Essay Assignment Help UAE that offer customized CV, cover letter, essay, assignment writing services and more. One good thing about consulting reputed professional firms is that you need not worry about the quality and potential outcomes in the long run.

#8. Add a bit of creativity to your sentences; break the stereotype

There are umpteenth ways to present a particular statement which may highlight your creative muse and how you choose to think out of the box and present things in a different light, without hampering the meaning though. So, probably it’s time for you to break the stereotype, and come up with something fresh or probably a new approach which can intrigue your hiring managers at the end of the day.

For instance, a person who’s applying for the position of a content writer would generally come up with:

I am quite passionate about writing and would love to make this hobby of mine a full-time career. Hence, the best choice to get started with a promising professional life is to apply for this position in your esteemed workplace.”  

Now isn’t it sounding too cliché, straight out of just another cover letter sample?

Try this instead …

Ever since I discovered a flair for writing in me which is much beyond writing essays and taking class notes, the message was quite clear “I want to do this the entire life”. On being introduced to your company website and figuring out all creative minds behind the business, I am totally up for it. Hire me for the best thing I do – being creative with write-ups!”

How’s it sounding? Interesting?

So, that was all; 8 step methodical insights to help you present some outstanding cover letters for a job you’re passionate about. Remember, it is how we choose to present things at the end of the day that mostly gets counted in the long run. Hence, take a step ahead and pave the path to professional prosperity with perfectly created cover letters.

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