8 Tips to Host Playdate for Your Pooch

Host Playdate for Your Pooch
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Negosentro | 8 Tips to Host Playdate for Your Pooch | Besides the necessities like food and shelter, if there is anything we crave, it is “connection.” This need is just a part of the way living beings are. While you connect with your friends over the weekend, have you ever wondered if your pooch misses playing with other dogs?

Proper socialization isn’t just crucial for the well-being of humans but also our pets. So, you must plan a playdate for your furry friends now and then. Before you decide to call your friends to schedule a playdate for your pup, there are things you must keep in mind. Otherwise, your little gathering can turn into a colossal disaster.

Useful Tips to Avoid Dog Play Date Disaster

Many dogs are comfortable playing with other dogs. So, planning a playdate for them might not be an issue. However, what if your canine friend has had a traumatic experience in the past? Or maybe he is just a loner?

While there is no standard protocol to host play dates for your dog, the following tips can help you prevent your pup’s play date from going wrong.

1. Know Your Pooch’s Preferred Play StyleHost Playdate for Your Pooch1


Before hosting a dog play date, know what your dog likes and dislikes. A successful dog socialization date hinges upon choosing a perfect playmate for your pawed buddy. And it is impossible to find one if you are unaware of your dog’s preferred play style. Another thing you need to consider is the size. Even the most well-behaved dogs can end up injuring their playmates if they are mismatched in size.

2. The Setting Is ImportantHost Playdate for Your Pooch2


Did you know your dog can feel jealous? It is best to plan your pup’s playdate on a neutral ground. It will give them the feeling that no one is invading their territory. However, the dogs may get in a fight in such settings too.

If your puppy is new to socializing, you can start by taking him out with a playdate on a walk. When the weather outside is chilly, do not forget their Winter Dog Jackets. With these little walks, your pup can get familiarized with the idea of mingling with its kind.

3. Steer Clear of The Troublemaker Dogs

Do your pup’s potential play partner dislikes socializing with other dogs and sometimes even humans? If yes, he might be the “troublemaker.” In most cases, such dogs tend to be aggressive and dominant. If this dominant dog is even bulky in size and attacks your dog, this negative experience can severely affect his social personality. If not treated well, this small incident can leave a long-lasting impact on your precious pet.

4. It’s All About the First ImpressionsHost Playdate for Your Pooch3


It takes just a mere glance for anyone to evaluate your personality upon meeting for the first time? This might be the case for your pup too. Therefore, on their playdate, do not forget to set the tone with greetings. For this, keep your pup and his canine companions on the leash initially. Continue doing this until you feel that they have started mingling together. These few minutes of sniffing and greeting during the on-leash time will help the dogs get acquainted with each other better.

5. Let Your Pooch Take the LeadHost Playdate for Your Pooch4


Once your dog’s on-leash time ends, let them interact with each other on their own. Even if you want to intervene, do not do so. Let your dog take the lead. When your canine decodes the play buddy this way, do not forget to acknowledge fair play with many praises. Praise is as significant as treats for your pet.

6. Keep All Interactions Supervised

While it is advisable to let your dog play on his own, do not forget to keep his interactions supervised. Never hesitate to intervene if you notice aggressive behavior on their part. In the case of baring teeth, growling, and bristling fur, break up the playdate before it gets out of hand.

7. Do Not Forget the Food and WaterHost Playdate for Your Pooch5


Like every party you attend, your puppy’s paw-ty needs snacks and refreshments too. Also, do not forget the water. Hydration is vital for them, and this drinking together can even turn out to be a new bonding exercise. While setting up the party refreshments, make sure you know what foods to avoid feeding to dogs. You do not want to end up worsening any of the pup’s health. You can study more on your pooch foods from USSOY. 

8. Relax

Did you know dogs can feel their owners’ emotions? So, after reviewing the safety tips above, make sure that you are relaxed. If you are anxious, your pup may replicate your feelings and even end up reacting aggressively.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’ve set up the perfect playdate for your pooch, there’s a chance that things might not go as planned. If the puppy isn’t interested in hanging out, end the play date. Sure, it’s a bummer to bail out of something you have put so much effort into. However, nothing is more important than your furry friend. Keep in mind that finding a suitable match can take time.

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