8 Tips For Building A Killer Freelancer Portfolio From Scratch

Building A Killer Freelancer Portfolio
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Negosentro.com | 8 Tips For Building A Killer Freelancer Portfolio From Scratch | Do you know 38% of freelancers identify themselves as freelancers? As a matter of fact, 61% of freelancers specialize in at least two to three skills.

This statistical revelation pretty well sums up the scenario and establish the fact that the era of freelancing has kick-started with a bang, and it is a phenomenon that is here to stay for the long run. In freelancing, there are ample options and career paths to embrace. From offering law assignment help as a freelancer to designing logos, there’s a wide range of services which you offer, based on your creative inclinations and professional expertise. 

However, for a beginner, it might be a tough run on the grounds of bagging recognition and winning the trust of his/her prospective clients. A well-composed and creatively structured freelancer portfolio is the gateway to success. So, invest some time in reading this blog and explore the eight essential steps to landing an impressive portfolio for a promising career ahead. 

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  • Be yourself in the portfolio 

The trick is simple. You don’t need to struggle while creating a freelancer portfolio. Simply be your own self while adding content or talking about your achievements in the portfolio. Take note of these simple ideas and come up with a unique freelancer profile. 

  •  Be honest in the matter of talking about or highlighting your professional achievements. 
  • Do not brag about your expertise. Rather, choose to be humble and place your professional accolades in the portfolio tactfully. 
  • Add proper explanations to your portfolio in order to validate and support your claims regarding pursuing freelancing as a serious business. 
  • Do not come up with rosy words or pushy statements in your profile. Your client might find the approach boastful. 
  • Be illustrative in your approach 

This is one essential point to acknowledge if you want to come up with a truly unique portfolio for your freelancing endeavors. Merely telling or penning down a couple of sentences to explain your proficiency won’t really serve the purpose. Here’s what you must come up with instead. 

  • Use quirky graphics, GIFs, pictures, and doodles to express your passion for your job. 
  • Even though you are a beginner, expressing your passion, the right way, counts a lot in the long run. 
  • Add up a couple of demo projects and the likes for your clients to refer and figure out your real worth. 
  • Attaching video clips or audio-based demonstrations are equally effective ideas if you wish to stand ahead of the crowd with your freelancer portfolio, in its truest sense. 
  • Talk about your academic qualification 

Now, this is yet another crucial aspect to be acknowledged when it comes to landing unique freelancer portfolios. Every client in business would like to learn about our educational qualifications before assigning you the project or placing trust in professional expertise. 

Here are some suggestions on how you can present, structure, and talk about your education in the portfolio. 

  • Embrace the chronological order while structuring your academic qualification in the profile. 
  • Include your preliminary qualification, for example, talk about your schooling and mention any particular subject matter you were inclined to, back in those days. 
  • Now, come down to the context of a college education. Here, you can simply specify all specialization subjects you had pursued as an undergraduate student. 
  • Also, consider mentioning your post-graduation degrees and every other academic specialization you had ever pursued. This may include certification degrees as well.
  • In addition, do make it a point to mention or showcase any training or new skills you have recently acquired. 
  • Create a “free resource” column 

The act of giving away comes with a plethora of benefits in many shapes and forms. It is important for you to make your client realize that you are merely not interested in making money. Rather, you are pursuing freelancing with an intention to create a client-friendly experience. 

Here are some suggestions on how you can go about this section seamlessly. 

  • Add some of your works to the section and urge your clients to feel free to use them at any time of the day. 
  • Do not go for fluffs in any form. For example, if you are an aspiring freelance blogger, then update all completed blogs instead of adding only a glimpse of your creations. 
  • Every potential client must feel gratified to work with you. They should not feel cheated or sense any form of messages that might lead to a lack of clarity down the road. 
  • Remember, the term “free resource” should live up to its name and client expectations. 
  • Do not talk about premium services or sound pushy in the column. 
  • If you are into content creation, do cross-check the content via plagiarism checker and be assured of updating 100% original copies. 
  • Keep your portfolio clean and organised 

This is perhaps the simplest yet trickiest thing to do on earth. Most freelancers want to keep their portfolios clean and organized essay writer, but they often fail to understand how. Well, it’s not rocket science. You just need to follow these simple steps, and voila, you are good to go. 

  • Do not stuff your profile with irrelevant points or information that is way too obsolete to be used in a portfolio. 
  • Break bigger chunks of paragraphs into smaller fragments.
  • Narrow them down in the form of bullet points. 
  • Keep a check on your word count. 
  • Do not exceed the mark of 10 words for each bullet point. 
  • Also, choose your words well. Do not come up with drab phrases and the likes. 
  • Lastly, make it a point to revise the entire portfolio content before making it live. 
  • Include all relevant details regarding your CTCs 

A freelancer portfolio has no purpose if it lacks details that would speak about your package, cost per hour, or the entire CTC you would like to sign up for. So, take note of the following suggestions and put up a professionally well-built freelancer portfolio in the days to come.

  • Mention cost per hour or talk about the expected project package you would work for. 
  • Do not set unrealistic CTCs or something which is way too much for a beginner to ask for. 
  • If, at all, you would quote high-priced projects, then you must be confident enough to bag high-end projects with your creative skills and freelancing proficiencies. 
  • Tell stories  your clients can relate to 

Your freelancing portfolio need not be a boring piece of one of those conventional resumes. The idea is to come up with a storytelling format and showcase your creative skills in the form of content your clients can relate to. 

Check out these ideas on how you can tell stories and sign up for exciting projects down the line. 

  • Show your dedication towards freelancing in the form of stories. 
  • Talk about your journey, how things started in the first place or how did you realize that freelancing is your call? 
  • Talk about the present industry scenario and try to illustrate how signing up with you would allow your clients to get the best deal of the season, and the likes. 

While these are only a couple of useful ideas, you can always come up with your own versions and nail the freelancing game like a pro. 

  • Lastly, add a “Hire Me” page

A well-knit freelancer portfolio would simply go down the drain if it lacks a “Hire Me” page. If your potential clients are not able to contact you further, then what would be the real purpose behind putting efforts into creating the portfolio? 

Take note of the essentials to prioritize while creating the “hire me” page for your portfolio. 

  • Hyperlink the “Hire Me” button and link it up directly with your checkout section. 
  • Add a couple of promotional sentences at the beginning and the bottom of the “Hire Me” page. 
  • Give this page an exclusive, personalized touch to impress your clients in the right manner. 

Key Takeaways 

Now that you are aware of the essential strategies that would help you land the perfect freelancer portfolio, here’s a glimpse of the entire blog in a nutshell. 

  • Be your real self in the portfolio. 
  • Embrace the illustrative approach. 
  • Mention your academic qualification with clarity. 
  • Keep a separate slot for free resources. 
  • It is crucial to keep portfolios clean and organized. 
  • Include all relevant project package/charge details. 
  • Tell relatable and creatively enriched stories for your clients. 
  • Lastly, come up with a separate “Hire Me” page. 
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