8 Steps to Buying a House or Property

home investment Buying a House or Property

You want to see your home cozy, environmentally friendly, where you will always feel secure, where for you and your whole family for many years an ideal living environment will be created?  Or for you this is a place where you can relax, recharge yourself with vigor and energy, and maybe just enjoy your time together.

Making a Purchase Decision

The first and most important step is the adoption of a key decision on the purchase of real estate. For many, it is just as important as the decision to start a family: often both the purchase of housing and the wedding happen once in a lifetime.

And how well you formulated the idea of ​​your future home depends on how much you will be pleased with it in the future. Everything has importance here: your inner comfort from being inside the house, compliance of the exterior of the building with your dreams, the area in which you will live, your new surroundings, etc. And the more detailed you think it all over, making a decision, the more profitable your acquisition will be, in the end, your new home or apartment.

Agent Selection

So, the decision to buy an apartment or house is made. It’s time to choose a competent and reliable agent. The more professional your agent is, the more comfortable the process of buying real estate will be for you.

It is much more profitable that during the entire process of purchasing a home you will be led by the same person, whose professionalism you will trust and who will do everything so that you get maximum pleasure from buying real estate. It remains only to choose it in the team of professionals.

Determine Financing

The decision to purchase is made, a reliable agent is selected. Next comes the question of financing your purchase. Already embarking on the first step (that is, making a decision about buying an apartment or house) you know what financial resources you have today and with what funds you will acquire the housing of your dreams.

It can be:

  1. cash carefully accumulated by you or donated by your loved ones;
  2. government support allocated for various certificates: military, professional, maternity capital, etc.

Selection of real estate according to your criteria

The next step is to determine all the nuances of your future purchase, on which the price of your final comfort will depend. After all, buying a home is not just a choice of pictures on the Internet. This is a competent bypass of all the pitfalls that arise in your path. For example:

  1. Will your future housing be warm in winter and cool in summer?
  2. how strong is the house?
  3. Are redevelopments legalized in the apartment?
  4. Are there any other random heirs?
  5. whether the price is not too high for the houses of this year built …

These and many other questions will help you to sort out your chosen agent. At the same time, he organizes for you the demonstration of not one or two, but at least 5-7 options.

Of course, you can get by with self-selection of your dream home on the Internet. But only with an agent from the team of professionals this dream will become a reality.

Preliminary Agreement

Financing is determined, the dream house is selected, now it’s time to make this dream come true! And this embodiment begins with the conclusion of a preliminary contract with the seller.

Both parties usually want to get certain guarantees when concluding a property sale transaction.

For the entire modern history of real estate transactions, only one really effective and reliable way was accomplished: to draw up and sign a preliminary contract. After all, only a preliminary agreement is able to fix guarantees that will not allow one of the parties to cancel the transaction or raise or lower the price for an apartment for the next period of time.

Deal … Deal!

All documents are collected, checked and ready to deal. You have to make the most crucial step: make a deal with the seller.

The most convenient way is to conduct a transaction in the office of the company in which your faithful assistant works – an agent who has selected an object for you. This is due primarily to the fact that all the offices of the company are equipped with special premises for transactions, money detection detectors and are guarded round the clock. This is especially true if the calculations are made simultaneously with the signing of the contract.

With a mandatory notarial transaction, the agent agrees with the notary all key issues: from the procedure for submitting documents to agreeing the time of the transaction.

Another important question is the registration of the transfer of rights to the acquired object. And in this case, you will not have to worry about anything either! The agents of the company, by prior arrangement with you, will perform all the necessary actions for submitting documents for registration and receiving a set of documents after it has been carried out.

Calculation and Security

As mentioned above, all the offices of the company are equipped with special premises for conducting transactions, money detection detectors, are under round-the-clock security, which, of course, facilitates settlements between customers without security concerns.

At the request of the client, the agent organizes the procedure for transferring funds using a bank cell.

If the transaction is completed with the use of mortgage funds, the agent will accompany you to the lending bank at all stages of transferring funds.


The last and very important step for your peace of mind is the insurance of purchased real estate.

Property protection is the main criterion for its proper use. You can protect your property with the help of high fences, strong doors and locks, installation of security systems and bars on the windows.

But it is impossible to foresee all-natural disasters, the onset of which does not depend on the owners. We are talking about fires, flooding, causing other damage to real estate. Insurance will help to compensate for the loss and damage to property.

A reliable company in the real estate market will not just become your faithful guide throughout the entire process of buying a home, but also recommend the same reliable insurer.

It is no secret that in a business environment, market leaders value their reputation. A community of professionals is a kind of elite circle of craftsmen, among whom there is an unspoken rule to trust each other. And professionals in the same field, turning to related industries, will also select only professionals.

Choose the best, because it concerns your dream!

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