8 Must-Have Drinks In Your Home Bar

How To Make Sure You Drink the Highest Quality Beverages 8 Must-Have Drinks In Your Home Bar
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Negosentro | 8 Must-Have Drinks In Your Home Bar | Setting up a cozy home bar? Choosing the right drinks to add to your bar can make sure you have a functional place to relax every day. Don’t forget this can help you build impressive cocktail-making skills that will be the highlight of your next party. 

Here are eight essential bottles to add to your bar collection to churn out delightful drinks anytime you wish for one.  

1. Single Malt 

Every home bar needs a defining bottle of single malt emitting an inimitable depth of flavors. The innate cask influence in the drink is best enjoyed neat or watered down to suit your taste. They also make excellent choices to whisk impeccable cocktails like a spiced old fashion or whiskey sour.  

2. Blended Scotch Whiskey

Blended scotch whiskey is a bit of a specialty drink that can get your home bar many compliments. You can start the collection with some affordable choices that pair well with dinner and classy cocktails. 

As you move ahead, stock up on premium, luxurious choices like Johnnie walker double black. Every sip shall be savored, for it is a result of the craftsmanship of master blenders. Explore some aged bottles and limited editions as well if you feel passionate about your whiskey. These blended bottles are ideally enjoyed on the rocks or straight up, whereas an infusion in citrus or sweet vermouth cocktails can never go wrong. 8 Must-Have Drinks In Your Home Bar 1

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3. Gin

Crafted from juniper berries, gin is a friendly liquor for your home bar to create refreshing drinks you can enjoy any time of the day. While not all of us are fans of gin, it is a versatile drink brimming with the enchanting aromas and flavors of botanicals that exhibit a majestic presence in cocktails. 

Don’t forget choices like gin martinis, gin, and tonics that are usually guest favorites. A bottle can come in handy to sway your guests with some classy cocktails you can swiftly prepare. Look for gins with a deep and layered palette as they elevate even simple cocktails. 

4. Vodka

The clean and crisp flavors of vodka are a must-have to relish neat. The distilled spirit is also the ideal base for several delicious and straightforward cocktail recipes like bloody mary and screwdriver that are punchy and flavorful at the same time. 

You can have a mixed selection of vodkas for different moods. Add a budget-friendly choice to infuse in fruity cocktails, whereas invest in a premium bottle that suits bold cocktails like a vodka martini with its potent presence. Don’t forget to add a flavored vodka for some fun cocktail ideas. Soft flavors like lime pair well in most drinks, while you can extend your experiments to adventurous choices like chili. 

5. Rum 

A perfect glass of rum emits warm, tropical beachy vibes that are enticing. Your home bar should have one light rum that sits best in fruity cocktails and one dark rum for its rich, deep, buttery texture.  

A legendary white rum is the best choice to top off your mojitos, daiquiris, and all tropical cocktail ideas you have in mind. The rum adds a complementary punch to the cocktails that will blow away your mind. Don’t forget to expand your collection to aged, spiced rum with a broad palette and intricate flavors. You might also consider swapping out whiskey in Manhattan for some dark rum to give it a touch of adventure. 

6. Wine 

A luscious glass of wine can perfectly cap off a tiring day at work or elegantly pair with an elaborate dinner. Adding some A-list bottles to your home bar with a rich bouquet can give you the chance to enjoy unparalleled flavors. 8 Must-Have Drinks In Your Home Bar 2

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A full-body Burgundy bottle would pair well with cheesy recipes, whereas a sharp white wine would match perfectly with heavy red meats and seafood. Whether you like the delicious summer sangrias floating with exotic fruits or soothing winter mulled wine brimming with the enchanting aroma and flavors of spices and citrus, these wines can create vibrant cocktails for every season. 

7. Tequila 

Another refreshing choice for your home bar is tequila that will expand your horizons to strong, daredevil cocktails. The agave spirit will tingle your creativity as you replace the classic alcohol choices in cocktails like sangria and old-fashioned to craft your very own tequila brimming versions. 

While you must invest in a beautiful Blanco bottle, you can also stretch it out a little and try a bottle of mezcal, which is a smokey cousin of this punchy spirit for some variety. 

8. Liqueur

An expansive collection of liqueurs is the best way to blend brilliant drinks into enchanting cocktails. Enriched with flavors, these liqueurs will help create some inspired cocktails to impress your guests. Some must-haves for basic cocktails include Campari, Cointreau or Triple Sec, Amaretto, and dry vermouth. 8 Must-Have Drinks In Your Home Bar 3

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Bitters induce a touch of sophistication to your creations, whereas whimsical bottles like elderberry, chocolate, or coffee are flavorful choices that brighten the flavor palette. You can peruse some ideas online to identify classic or adventurous liqueurs that can catalyze your home cocktail experiments. 


These eight great liquors will make your home bar equipped for all alcohol needs. Don’t forget to pick up some essential tools like cocktail shakers, muddlers, strainers, bar spoons that can make your cocktail experiment quite fun. Add some gorgeous glasses to the collection that are elegant choices for extravagant parties, intimate gatherings, and even for some personal relaxing time.

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