8 Gifts that are Perfect for Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

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Negosentro | 8 Gifts that are Perfect for Loved Ones in Nursing Homes | Loved ones are the most important people in our life, and we must show them how much they mean to us from time to time with a perfect gift. For loved ones who live in a nursing home, finding a gift that will serve them well during their day-to-day life in the home can be a difficult task. If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift, but have had a hard time putting your finger on just one choice, this guide is here to help. Here are eight gifts that are perfect for loved ones that are living in a nursing home: 

1. Non-Slip Slippers

Non-slip slippers are one of the most important items your elderly loved one needs when living in a nursing home. Not only are they comfortable, but they greatly decrease the chance of your loved one falling (an injury that can be both devastating and deadly for those of an advanced age). Find a pair that fits their style and comfort needs, and the gift will prove to be that much more of a hit. The slippers will come in useful when they’re showering and getting clean every day as well. In the unfortunate case of a fall, it may not be your loved one’s fault. To find any restitution you may be entitled to, contact the knowledgeable and compassionate professionals at rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/nursing-home-abuse-and-neglect.html for help. 

2. A Bathrobe 

Speaking of bathtime, bathrobes are another useful and comfortable gift you can bring to your loved one in a nursing home. There’s a joy to simply lounging all day in a bathrobe that’s difficult to overstate as well. If you want to get them the perfect bathrobe, you should ask them about their preferences before making a purchase. Additionally, you will want to buy a robe they can wear while still feeling modest, as they will likely want to lounge in the bathrobe even when it’s not bathtime. 

3. Streaming Services

Most people have devices where they can enjoy modern apps and streaming services, even those in nursing homes. If you want to give your loved one access to tons of amazing music, TV, movies, and other entertainment options, getting them a subscription to one of the hottest streaming services is highly recommended. Finding an app or service that’s packed with content from their generation, and which also has some hot new titles, is especially recommended, as it will provide them with a maximum amount of entertainment. 

4. A Tablet

If your loved one in the nursing home does not have a convenient way to enjoy modern entertainment, news, and other online content, getting them a solid, easy-to-use tablet is a great gift idea. Doing so will help them stay more connected to the world, and will allow them to easily stay in touch with old friends and family members as well. Just make sure you take the time to teach them how to use the tablet if they have never used one before, otherwise, the tablet will likely sit on a table somewhere and simply gain dust. 

5. A Camera

Photography is a fantastic, relaxing, and rewarding hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. While phones can provide a perfectly accessible way to take pictures, getting something a bit more advanced and feature-packed for an elderly loved one that enjoys photography is a great idea. This will allow them to explore their new home more intimately and fascinatingly as well. 

6. Gamebooks

Whether they love Sudoku or some other book-based game, many elderly people love games that can help them pass the time in a fun, brain-boosting manner. Not only will gamebooks entertain them, but they will help keep their mind sharp and healthy as well. After all, the problem solving, memory, and other useful skills they’ll use to complete their gamebooks will help them stay young. 

7. A Digital Picture Frame

Your elderly loved one is nearly certain to love the memories and feelings that photos evoke. If you want to give them a fancy way to look at pictures throughout the day, a digital picture frame can be a great way to do so. You can show them how to program their favorite pictures to cycle on the frame, and can even share photo playlists with them when you have new (or rediscovered old photos) content for them to enjoy. 

8. A Traditional Photo Album

While a digital photo album is always a great time, some loved ones will enjoy a good old-fashioned traditional photo album. The ease of showing these off to their friends in the home, and the amount of heart that’s put into making a traditional photo album, will make them appreciate the gift that much more. Remembering old friends is amazing for their health, and doing so is great for practically all life on the planet as well! 

The Perfect Gift Exists

With these eight ideas, you’ll be guaranteed to find at least one gift that your loved one in a nursing home will love. Many of these gifts can help provide them with hours upon hours of quality entertainment and brain-boosting activity. After all, your loved one needs something to help them keep busy and happy day-to-day as they are living in a nursing home. 

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