8 Best Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Business

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Negosentro |8 Best Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Business|Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms presently, and it should be at the forefront of any social media marketing strategy. 

But why is there a need for social media for eCommerce? 

Social media is a crucial tool for the eCommerce industry as it provides various benefits relating to consumers, promotions, and shopping With its massive audience, engagement possibilities, and power to drive conversions.

It becomes essential that you make use of Instagram for marketing to grow your eCommerce brand. 

Instagram Marketing For Ecommerce

Instagram has around half a million daily active users with over a billion monthly active users and one of the highest user engagement rates among the social media platforms. Instagram presents tremendous opportunities for any business to create brand awareness, extend reach & exposure, drive engagement & interaction, channelize traffic, promotions & advertising, the showcase offers & discounts, and even boost conversions. 

If you make the appropriate use of Instagram, you can easily reap these benefits for your eCommerce platform with minimum investments.  

We have listed the 8 Instagram marketing tools to help you grow your eCommerce brand. 

Top 8 Instagram Marketing Tools

1. TaggBox Commerce

Taggbox commerce is a visual commerce platform that helps you aggregate engaging visual content from different social media platforms into one feed and embed it on your website with the shoppable feature.

You can collect engaging visual content especially UGC for products from Instagram using hashtags, keywords, mentions, or profiles and then add a shoppable feature to those products in the feed so that the user can buy products directly from feeds.

The Shoppable Instagram feed will be embedded into your website and it will help in increasing website attractivity, user interaction & engagement, build social proof, and drive conversions with the shorter buying process. 

2. Inselly

Inselly majorly helps in making the products or post sellable on Instagram with a simple hashtag solution. Inselly makes use of the hashtag for allowing the user to find and shop products on Instagram easily.

As a seller, you can add #inselly to your shoppable posts and users can find these posts easily for shopping.  Besides, you can even create a marketplace on the website by using Inselly. 

As eCommerce, you can make your products more searchable, sortable, and shoppable by using Inselly on Instagram.

3. Heyo

Heyo is a new tool that lets you create contests, giveaways, quizzes, promos, games, and more interactive campaigns across mobile, web, and social media platforms, including Instagram.

It provides a DIY campaign building option according to your needs and requirements quickly with the drag-and-drop features. 

It is an influential tool that lets you create brand reach, grow following & user base, build communities through audience engagement, and generate leads & sales from social media. 

4. WishPond

Similar to Heyo, Wishpond also lets you create sweepstakes, contests, and more Instagram promotions for marketing your business and offerings. 

It is a great way to boost user engagement that can help in generating leads for any eCommerce from social media. You can extend your reach and exposure to both social media and online. 

Besides Instagram promotions, It also lets you create custom landing pages, pop ups, sidebars, overlays, and even marketing automation that can also help your eCommerce further. 

5. Foursixty

Foursixty is a tool that helps in converting your Instagram feed into shoppable posts for the purpose of selling products directly from the social platform.

With Foursixty, you can even turn the user-generated content into the shoppable content to build social proof and increase the chances for your conversions, which is a free-of-cost benefit. 

It creates a gallery for the shoppable posts and once clicked, it redirects the user to the checkout process to complete the purchase.  You can even get analytics, insights, and track orders. 

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is powerful analytics, management, and scheduling platform that can help you gain detailed behavioral insights into your followers and customers from Instagram. 

Based on these insights and analytics, you can leverage it to make your Instagram presence more influencing. 

It can provide details on which posts and content get higher or maximum engagement from the user, and you can evaluate it understand your followers better. This will help you post quality, engaging, and targeted content with maximum returns possibilities.

7. ShopSeen

Shopseen is a cloud-based multi-channel listing & managing tool for sellers to reach a wider audience and increase their possibilities of conversions.

Shopseen lets you sell on Instagram as you have to upload product images on Instagram and add pricing details in the post’s description from there Shopseen will link the product to your Shopseen page (account). 

It is an immensely useful tool for any eCommerce business as it lets them sell their products on diverse platforms and gain more exposure through these platforms. 

8. Flipagram

Flipagram is one the most exciting tool for Instagram marketing as it allows the user to combine the two key elements of this digital age i.e., Visuals & music into short video clips.

You can use Flipagram to make short exciting videos for the products from your eCommerce product portfolio. 

Since Instagram is a visually aesthetic platform so you can showcase your creativity with visual content to attract and engage the audience to your eCommerce platform.


Instagram is an excellent social media platform for both users and businesses. You have to remember that more than selling, Instagram has tremendous engagement & relationship-building opportunities that can be helpful for you. 

For your eCommerce, it is highly beneficial that you can both sell and create communities simultaneously on Instagram that will help in building your brand and enhancing your user experience. 

These tools can be of immense help in achieving these goals and maximize your returns on investments. 

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