8 Best Business Ideas that we can start with a minimum Investment

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Negosentro.com | Whether you are a student stepping just out of college looking for experience in the entrepreneurial world or a regular 9 to 5 jobber looking to earn some extra bucks, finding the right niche for your business can be a difficult task. To aid you in discovering the most suitable option, we have compiled the list of small scale business ideas that need little or minimum investment.

  • Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is a model where you partner with a third-party retailer or merchant who directly ships your product to the customer. In short, all you need to do is showcase your products online or offline and market them in order to attract clients and customers. You can create your own online shopping website to sell products in a particular niche without having to invest in a large amount of inventory and storing or shipping costs.

  • Print on Demand

You can also take a route of working with a print on demand store as it will give you an opportunity to benefit from unique designs that you create yourself. If you feel like you want to promote your designs on custom-made merchandise, then you should certainly go with this method. And thanks to available learning sources like Print on Demand Drop Shipping Platform – Printify, pretty much everyone can start a project like this.

  • Concierge/ Errand Services

Looking after home and taking care of professional responsibilities simultaneously can be time-consuming and strenuous at the same time. In such cases, someone who runs small errands for you like buying groceries and walking your dog can save a considerable amount of time. This has led to the rise of concierge service providing business. If you like to help others and have a flexible work schedule then this business is for you.

  • Digital Products

Digitization has spread to each and every field and hence it has become easy to encash your talents and skill sets. Video course, templates or eBooks can help you trade your talent in order to earn extra bucks. Many sites like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy let you upload courses in exchange for money. So whether you are skilled in yoga, playing musical instruments or baking delicious cakes and cookies, you can easily earn profits with zero investments. You can also start your own classes at your home but going online saves time and attracts a bigger audience and helps generate comparatively more revenue.

  • Freelancing

Freelancing is another great idea that is becoming popular among freshers. If you are fluent in English and have a flair for writing grammatically correct content then you can go for freelancing. A freelancer is a person who works remotely and provides unique content for online use. Content may be in the form of articles, blogs, one-liners, press releases, etc. To get started all you need is good writing skills and laptop with a stable internet connection. If you are fluent in more than one language you can also work as a remote translator.

  • Pet Hostel

People nowadays treat their pets like family and are ready to go the extra mile to keep them healthy and happy while they are busy at their job or vacationing at the beach. Therefore if you are an animal lover then this job is for you. To get the ball rolling all you need is sufficient space, food supplies and basic knowledge regarding tending to the needs of animals.  

  • Daycare Center

If you are fond of kids then you can start your own daycare center at your home. With both the parents working full-time jobs it has become difficult to take proper care of kids. Hence many people opt for daycare services. Managing many kids at the same time can be difficult and hence you should be really willing and compassionate towards this business. You may need to ensure that your home is safe and sound for children with the help of professionals.

  • Event Planning

If you are a highly organized person who likes to interact with people, then this business is for you. Whether it is a big fat wedding or small birthday party, people hire event managers so that they could actually enjoy the event without having to go through the stress of organizing and planning in order to satisfy their guests. For jumping in this job you may need to have knowledge about what’s trending into the market and where you can find best possible deals for quality products and services. To get started you may have to spend money on marketing and providing better customer services.

  • Personal Virtual Assistance

Personal virtual assistants are highly organized people who work as a personal assistant off the site. They manage schedules, book flights and do other clerical work just like on-site front desk managers. The benefit of working as a personal virtual assistant is that it lets you work for more than one client at the same time from the comfort of your home.


With digitization and globalization, many new avenues have been opened up for budding entrepreneurs. They have many options available at their hand to mark their entry in the business world with minimum or absolutely zero investment accompanied by basic knowledge, advanced technology and their hunger for success.

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