7 Web Design Hacks For Entrepreneurs That Will Generate More Revenue

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Having a site of your own is important for business growth. It is the surest way to get closer to your clients. Most especially, as an entrepreneur, you can create good cashflow from e-commerce sales. You can also utilize websites to create phone call or in-store leads. The one thing most businesses with websites do is to leverage it to scale.

A lot of hacks to drive sales, boost lead generation, and create revenue exist. You can do these without completely redesigning or rebuilding your website. So, here are 7 web design hacks by G Squared you should try out. They are simple and can help to increase your revenue-making potential.

A conversion audit is necessary

Of course, your website needs to drive traffic. Many brands today have amazing websites but the same does not apply to their conversion rates. If you have a great conversion audit, it might as well help you. Identifying problems and effecting changes to them before marketing campaigns are important. This will reduce the waste of advertising costs and also offer you a more solid structure to build your business on. By having a good foundation, you’d be able to convert quicker.

Explore call tracking

Some websites use different sources of traffic for phone calls. If you utilize call tracking, it helps you to know the number of calls produced by each source. This won’t be a problem with your phone leads at all. The reason is that the tracking numbers link to the principal phone number that you use. a lot of call tracking tools keep a call record. With this, you will know whether to address your sales team or other areas.

Undertake Google Analytics data analysis

An analysis of your google analytics data lets you know the traffic sources that are not yielding conversions. With this, you will know the right changes to make. Also, you can then channel more budget and time to the ones producing conversions.

Try out exit pop-up offers

Most visitors to your site may not return once they leave. But you can still hook them in by using a pop-up exit offer. Pop-up exit offers can massively raise your conversions rates. Even if the conversion rate is slight with these offers, it is a great boost.

Consider adding trust signals

Web visitors that see you as credible will leave their info and make purchases. if you add testimonials from clients, you’d build more trust for potential customers. If there’s an award, special recognition, or accreditation, you should let them see it. This makes them comfortable and keeps their minds at ease to transact with you. Note that you should never use false testimonials, no matter what. This will repel your potential customers.

Split testing can work for your landing pages

Even little changes can bring about large conversion gains. With a little knowledge of web development or with no coding skills, you can effect such changes. It could be something very simple yet powerful, such as tweaking your CTA button and experimenting with CTA text.

Use explainer video

You can use an explainer video to hook your website visitors. A good explainer video seems to entertain, captivate and educate the viewer. You can use the video to tell more about your products or services. This can improve your conversions and is worth using.