7 Tech Skills That An Entrepreneur Needs To Have

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Felix Clarion, Negosentro | The present and future generations are the children of technology, with their baby albums on Facebook and digital education. Technology is also the biggest factor that is shaping the professional and business world today. In this context, having a requisite know-how of computer skills is a must for an entrepreneur to succeed. There are a few baseline tech skills that each entrepreneur should possess in order to increase their business and client numbers.


  • Social Media Communication


When you start-up, there is a high likelihood that there will be a lot of cross-functioning work done by individuals across different verticals. This is why an entrepreneur needs to have a good basic idea of all Social Media Handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You should know how to influence your followers and get across the message of your business to a wider public.


  • Coding


Undoubtedly, coding is the skill of the 21st century.  HTML and CSS are the most well-known core technologies that display web pages, and Java and Python are a tad bit more complicated. However, you can choose to learn the basics of either one of these whether online or offline from an institute. There are a number of resources available online that let you learn the basics of coding at your own pace. You don’t need to be a web developer just to learn the basics so you can easy implement new things or do changes to your site.

  • Wireframe


Although wire framing is not always classified as a core technical skill, it is one of the most integral components of any start-up since it will help you in understanding the layout and design specifications of your website and app. It will also make your communication and work delegation to your tech and product managers more efficient. You can get a free tutorial online and look for good examples to understand the process better.


  • Managing your data


From the very first day that your business kicks ground, you need to keep track of anything and everything that might be relevant to your business. This will include storing all the contacts, client databases, agreements and all other paperwork. There are  plenty of apps that you can use to manage your data. To save time and be more efficient you can take an Excel Online training but often these courses fail for professionals data managers.

There is a high change that all your data will end up in The Cloud in the future, which is why you should acquire some basic knowledge about Cloud Computing. You should also master Google Drive, Salesforce and DropBox. Cloud technology lets you store everything- your promotional pictures and videos, brainstorming ideas, presentations and excel sheets and makes collaboration with colleagues more efficient.


  • Electronic Communication:


We do not mean you should learn how to compose a mail and attach a presentation to it. What we mean by getting a stronger grasp on communication is that you need to come up with ways that will improve your client communication and speed up your workflow. Learning how to conduct teleconferencing and virtual business meetings are skills that are integral to emerging entrepreneurs. It also means that you should communicate the ideals and messages of your company using the best technological and presentation tools that are available.


  • Online Banking and Book-Keeping


You should consider the alternative of using online banking and bookkeeping to keep a track of your organization’s finances. This will come in very handy when you have to file your taxes or prepare a financial report. Managing your finances online using accounting software will definitely reduce extra burden and headache that would have fallen on you.


  • Mobile Tricks


This is definitely the era of the mobile and it is not going away anytime soon. In order to boost your customer acquisition strategy, you must have knowledge about executing an excellent mobile marketing strategy in place. Your website must be mobile-ready from the very first day of the launch or else, you will be behind.

As an entrepreneur you will be aware of the various issues that you face on your computer. Windows 10 users are typically facing different issues with their Windows 10 Taskbar not working https://appuals.com/taskbar-not-working-on-windows-10/, inability to add new users to windows, an issue in downloading the update or that it gets stuck in between and  the computer not shutting down all the way.

 This is not to say that Mac Users experience a completely smooth, frictionless experience. Switching on and Safari usage is often slow, documents end up opening in the wrong app, difficulty in ejecting a disk and the hard disk showing its space as full.

Despite the problems that one might face, there is no denying that an entrepreneur today needs to have a techy side to him/her as well!

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