7 Style Ideas on How to Wear a Polo for Men

Polo for Men
Image source: Pexels.com

Negosentro | 7 Style Ideas on How to Wear a Polo for Men | The basic men’s Polo shirts have a design with a short-sleeved and collar as well as a 3-button neckline. When it comes to function, it is comparable to the T-shirt, but it is set apart by the collar and neckline.

In terms of fabric and materials, Polos are typically made from knitted cotton, making them a bit heavy compared to T-shirts. Cotton is the most used material for Polos, although some may have polyester or utilise spandex in them.

  • Smart Casual Polos With Chinos

This kind of style is simple yet stylish. It is incredible for pretty much any situation or season. However, the only season that it is not applicable to is during wintertime. Polos work fantastic with various pants, but Chinos are especially a great match and help wrap up the outfit together.

If you want to add a bit of oomph, you can throw some accessories in the mix. An excellent-looking watch is always a classic bet that can match the Polo style optimally.

  • Preppy Look

When you consider a Polo shirt, you are probably thinking of a preppy look. Preppy looks are collegiate looks that are often associated with private schools as well as Ivy League style. Any kind of Polo will work optimally to create this look.

It is a fabulous outfit for situations that call for smart casual dress codes. If you want something a little bit more relaxed, you can always use boat shoes or slip-on instead of loafers.

  • Polos and Shorts

If you need a cool summer outfit that is not just the same old T-shirt, look no further than Polo shirts. The combination of a relaxed Polo shirt with a short is a clear winner for the hot months. This type of outfit will keep you looking cool when you are out doing your errands and even more on sultry days. You will be relatively cool.

When it fits optimally, a Polo shirt is indeed a flattering garment for people with shorter builds. Again, you can use a shoe depending on the vibe you are going after. Boat shoes provide just the right touch of class to an outfit, but you can also wear anything from sneakers to loafers.

  • Polo Shirts and Jeans

If you are wondering how to wear men’s Polo shirts and jeans, it may be a combination that is easy to get wrong. However, you can win it if you do it right. A fitted Polo is best since the shirt’s texture will also match the denim structure making for a truly balanced outfit. You might want to think of it as an upgrade to the traditional T-shirt and jeans combination.

  • Dual-Colour Polo

If a plain Polo is not your style, you may want a two-tone Polo that utilises different colours for the collar and sometimes also the sleeve cuffs.

  • Dark Polo and White Choosers

Stunning black and white styles are understated and subtle yet can be a true head-turner. The white trousers will be popping against the black Polo but will not be loud at all. You can also wear a nice watch which can add some additional colour to the mix.

  • Neutral-Coloured Polo and Chinos

This type is another fabulous outfit that balances between casual and formal. It is a type of outfit you might be wearing for your casual Friday or perhaps for family dinners or social events.

Selecting a dark-coloured or black Polo will give a more formal vibe. Pairing these with simple pants helps it even become more formal. 

There are creative and innovative ways to dress up Polo shirts. If you have been stuck wearing Polo shirts in a certain way, you may want to check out the ideas discussed in this article. Polos are a fabulous staple in men’s wardrobe since they are durable, long-lasting, and can be styled in versatile ways.