7 Strategies to Make a Powerful Online Market Research

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Market research is a way to gather and analyze market trends regarding your business, product, or services. Here are some strategies that you can try:

Know your potential competitors

Do online market research regarding your competitors by using this traditional search engine.

Type link www. (Name of competitor).com in Google search to know the number of sites that are linked to your competitor’s website.

Study your competitor’s promotional campaigns, marketing style, and you can also try to contact them as a customer to see how they handle customer’s concern. You must be updated so that you will not be left behind.

Keyword research

This is another useful strategy that you can use for online market research. Find out what words are often used by the audience who are interested in your market area by conducting a keyword search.

You just simply type a keyword on popular search engines to discover words and phrases that are often used how frequent theses words are being used, and the keywords being used by your competitors.

Another benefit of keyword research is that it can open your mind to new products or niche that you haven’t thought of.


Blogs usually have fresh content because they are regularly updated and more interaction and participation is going on that’s why it is one effective method to gather public opinion for your online market research.

Customer’s opinion and queries about the product is very critical for you marketing strategy and product development or improvement. You can try blog specific search engines such as Technorati or Nielsen BuzzMetrics’ Blogpulse”.

Online survey

This is also one common technique in an online market research. You get a deeper understanding and knowledge about consumers, what are their preferences, how often they use a certain product, what variant of product they most prefer and their comments about a product.

There are companies that offer an online survey for you or they can provide you with a tool to guide you in your own survey.

Google Analytics

By using this tool, you are going to find out what the audience is exactly doing while navigating your website. Important details such as how long they stay on your page, how often they visit your page, what time and day they are most active.

You can then analyze these data to guide you in improving your website to attract more audience.

Other strategies that you can use are message boards, gathering data from social media, feedback research. These strategies will help you to strategize in marketing and in improving your product.

By doing so, you stay ahead of your competitors and will not be left behind.

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