7 Shirt Styling Tips for Your Display Window

shirt styling

Negosentro.com | 7 Shirt Styling Tips for Your Display Window | T-shirts are constant big sellers due to their versatility as clothing pieces. However, if you want to increase your store’s custom T-shirt sales further, it is imperative to display them beautifully for your customers.

For your brick and mortar display window, you want to make sure that customers do not just see high-quality products. You want potential buyers to see items that offer numerous fashion possibilities.

So, for T-shirts, here are seven styling tips to make them more attractive investments for customers.

1. Display the color variety.

Do you know that displaying contrasting colors of the same shirt is a sound marketing strategy? Most shoppers do not mind purchasing similar designs of shirts in different colors. All they need on a clothing store display to stop them in their tracks and entertain the idea of buying new shirts are a pair of tees in the same design, but in both black and white.

2. Pair the shirt with a fancy skirt.

Nothing signals to the mind of a female buyer that a shirt is worth having like a shirt that goes perfectly well with a beautiful and sophisticated skirt. A midi skirt with electric pleats, or a leather pencil skirt, or even a tweed A-line skirt topped with a casual T-shirt is feminine street fashion at its finest. Female shoppers enjoy such fashion suggestions and are enticed to buy.

3. Fold, tuck, and knot the shirt.

These styling tricks provide shoppers with different ideas for standout outfits of the day (OOTDs). Quite often, people are aware of the various approaches they can take with basic pieces of clothing such as T-shirts, but they do not utilize these styling tricks until they see them on a mannequin. So, display one shirt and show off the numerous funky ways to alter its look.

Check out Pinterest for the different ways stylish people wear their basic tees.

4. Make the product compact.

Another strong promotional tactic for basic T-shirts is to present them as a compact product. For example, fold the shirts KonMari style and place them in a small Chinese take-out box on the display table or window. Such a presentation will automatically appeal to people who are searching for travel-friendly solutions.

Here’s another way to make the shirt more compact — follow an origami folding method, so the shirt folds neatly in a promotional shopping bag. Seriously, who doesn’t love a free reusable shopping bag? Some people wouldn’t even mind paying more for a product that comes in a nice or durable free shopping bag.

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Elevate the look of a shirt through the use of carefully selected accessories. Again, people want to be presented with styling options. There’s no easier way to amp up a basic shirt than to accessorize it.

Take a cue from the French who wear a silk scarf with plain, striped, and logo shirts. Or, bling up a shirt with a few pins and brooches. These accessorizing tricks will instantly make any shirt more elegant. So, in your store, make sure the accessories you used for styling the store display are right by the shirt racks.

6. Group the shirt with other products to create a gift package

Gift packages are ideal for the holiday season. Do not miss out on the chance to present your gorgeous lineup of unique shirts as a smart gift for someone. Study beautiful packaging methods. This way, the shirts can be grouped together with your other products in a visually enticing way.

During the holiday season, it always helps to offer your products like they are a sound gift idea. Shoppers are always looking for convenient gift solutions. Therefore, when your shirts come in a package that comes off as a well-thought-out gift, for sure, people will pick them up right away.

7. Show off the value of the shirt through the stamp and logo.

Make sure that if your shirts are made of high-quality cotton or an equally eco-responsible material, people get to know about it right away. Or, if you stopped adding tags to your shirts and instead just stamp the logo and label, place such information on your display and the products.

Shoppers are loyal to their personal values, and if your clothing store aligns with such values, you can lock in their loyalty to your brand. 

The clothing and fashion industry is a fiercely competitive scene. Thus, it is essential to present all your merchandise beautifully to stand out, and you can use the tips and tricks shared here to do just that.


Momin Rabbani is the Founder of Emirates Apparel in Dubai, a trademark of Aston GB General Trading Co LLC. The company has secured authorised UAE distributor status of the world-famous American brands Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe, also known as Jerzees. Emirates Apparel aims to be the leading supplier of quality promotional, work wear and leisurewear garments in the UAE.