7 Rules to Build a Wildly Successful Business

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In order to build a successful business, you must first start discovering what your success conditions are. First of all, you need to determine some of the reasons why so many enterprises fail while still in their infancy. Other than this, you need to discover what is it that can make you different from all the other people looking for their success in your industry. Here are seven tips that can help you get one step closer to finding an answer.

1. Check if there’s a market need

The first step in building a successful enterprise lies in validating your business idea. To you, the idea that you’ve just come up with may sound great but are people really going to buy it? Moreover, about 42 percent of all startups fail because there’s no market need for the product/service that they’re selling. It’s not that it’s that hard to check if there’s a market need either, it’s just that a lot of these first-time entrepreneurs don’t remember to check before going all-in.

2. Be in it for the long run

Another mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make is overcommitting, early on, and neglecting their private and social life. The reason why this is so problematic is due to the fact that they might get demoralized and even forget what it’s all about. Remember, if you decide to go 100 percent, you can only do this for so long. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to take breaks, treat yourself from time to time, delegate tasks and share responsibilities with other people in your enterprise.

3. Be transparent

If you’re honest with everyone, you can even afford to have a bad memory, seeing as how you won’t be forced to try and remember all your lies and machinations. Being transparent with your customers is, generally, great advice, seeing as how it helps you establish strong customer loyalty. Don’t use tricks like omitting taxes and shipping from the price that you display online and try to avoid making promises that you can’t keep. About 8 percent of your regular customers can make up to 40 percent of your profit, so losing the aura of trustworthiness in order to close a one-time sale is never a cost-efficient idea.

4. Work on your credit score

In order for it to run efficiently, your business needs the money and knowing how and where you can get the money that you need is one thing that you have to tend to as soon as possible. First of all, if you aim to use the traditional lending system, what you need to do is work towards improving your credit rating. In order to pull this off, you first need to find out what your credit score is. If it’s FICO score that we’re talking about, the scale ranges between 300 and 850 (the higher the better). Your credit score also affects your insurance premiums, as well as several other issues, which is why it’s so important that you work towards improving it, as soon as possible.

5. Have a contingency plan

One of the first tips that you will encounter upon entering the business world is the idea that you should be confident about your ability to make it. A big problem that comes from this lies in the fact that people who are overconfident usually don’t have a contingency plan, due to the fact that they feel like they don’t need it. What if things go wrong? Or worse, what if your business starts doing better than planned? In fact, what if it starts doing so well that you can’t keep up with the progress? Always have a contingency plan and prepare equally for both best- and worst-case scenario.

6. Following your passion is not always the best advice

In an ideal world, you would do something that you’re passionate about all the time. The problem with this idea lies in the fact that what you’re passionate about might not be profitable or even viable in your particular situation. Other than this, try to be realistic and ask yourself one question – how long am I going to stay passionate about the idea that consistently puts me at a financial loss? The truth is that when running a business, you need to find a profitable idea. If you’re passionate about it, as well, you just might have a perfect storm.

7. Protect your intellectual property

As soon as you have a million-dollar idea, people are going to start copying you in hopes of emulating your success. This is why you need to possess an in-depth knowledge of all the most relevant intellectual property protection mechanisms out there. For starters, what you need to keep in mind is the issue of trademark, which is there to ensure that your brand markings aren’t copied by others. Copyrights are there to protect your creative assets, while the patent is there to protect your inventions (even if it’s just your innovative business model). 


As you can see, by just covering these seven simple things, you’ll achieve a much higher level of success, regardless of your industry. From this point on, growing your business will become a walk in the park and your overall business infrastructure will become far more efficient.

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