7 Reasons Why Good Web Design Is So Important To Your Site’s Success

Good Web Design

Negosentro.com | For the first impression, there is no second chance. Who does not know this saying? And yet there is just so much truth in him. Whether in the online or offline world, good looks are extremely important. But please do not get me wrong, good looks are not everything, not nearly.

Steve Jobs and Apple (and undoubtedly, many others too) have done a perfect job of shaping and shaping an entire generation. He has “trained” people that it is not just about the simple look, but that design must also make “sense.”

Precisely for this reason, good design is no longer optional; it is vital to succeeding.

People within a few seconds, usually unconsciously, form a first impression. It’s the same with humans and machines.

It only takes 50 milliseconds for the visitor to judge, according to a slightly older study by Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University in Ottawa.

Maybe you still say: “Oh, that’s all a matter of taste!” Well, I don’t see it this way. Good web design is more than just a matter of taste.

  1. Good web design does not lie

Who does not know that? You are surfing the web looking for something very specific. You are ready to spend money on what you are looking for. Then you will find precisely one product that solves all your worries. But immediately you realize that the website somehow does not seem very serious.

The overview is missing, contents are mixed up, there is no clear structure, and there are flying colorful dogs around. Somehow, it just does not wake you up, and you’re wondering if you should leave your money there.

I think that’s one of the key points. Good design is unobtrusive and builds seriousness and trust. Good websites have to be like good mothers; they have to give you the feeling of security and security. Because only then you are ready to leave your hard-earned money. You must hire a reliable firm dealing with web design in Manchester so that you are assured of getting what you want.

  1. Good web design invites

A nice, cozy, warm, and inviting restaurant is more visited and provides more well-being than a cold, grubby restaurant in the middle of the highway. And just like in the real world, so it is in the virtual world.

The first sight of a great website can ever feel like the much-cited love at first sight. You see them and immediately think: Wow! What a design.

Regardless of whether one compares to the restaurant or the love, the fact is that good web design invites you to linger on a great website.

  1. Good web design makes you curious

Similar to the inviting ability described above, the exploitation of the power of curiosity should not be underestimated. In general, in this day and age, when you are being filled with advertising and advertising messages, you have to try to arouse the visitor’s curiosity.

A modern and well-designed website arouses my interest and makes you curious about more. It has happened to me many times that I came across a website and only thought: “Wow, chic design. What are they doing? Ah, they do! Bookmark! “

  1. Good web design is marketing

Speaking of bookmarking, as indicated above, good web design naturally attracts many visitors and is always online marketing. For my part, I always bookmark beautiful pages, do you?

The social bookmarking part, however, is only a small piece of the cake. Exceptionally well-designed websites get a lot of traffic (visitors). Whether it’s word-of-mouth or viral marketing via social networks, chic websites are being widely shared, shared and shared.

I also think that a not inconsiderable amount of backlinks can come about if you have a good web design. But if your website looks damn hot, other blogs and websites will link to it (see 14 examples of good web design).

In addition, good design leads to a higher conversion rate, that is, the conversion of visitors. Regardless of whether advertising, entries in the newsletter, more likes on Facebook or more followers on Twitter, good design can lead visitors to the desired action.

I argue that well-designed products generally receive more buzz or attention, and as I have already described in the introduction, are of vital importance.

Today, there is very little time to “capture” the visitor and turn him into a customer. Good web design supports this.

  1. Good web design radiates

As described at the beginning, good design not only builds seriousness and trust but radiates quality, attention to detail, modernity, competence, technical progress and certainly much more. These and other factors ultimately form the original brand, the branding.

In addition, good web design can also be an excellent additional competitive advantage. To stand out from the competition or the competitors (to put it more positively).

Experienced internal users have an eye for web design and can appreciate the quality of the product or the whole company. In this way, new companies, in particular, can stand out and emit an illusion of greatness right from the start.

  1. Good web design makes a website useful

Oh yes, a very important point. Good design is easy. But what does that mean exactly?

Good web design draws the attention to the essentials, is understandable and clear. Nowadays, everything is fast moving, and everyone has no time.

Therefore, it is important that you have to be clear within a very short time what the website is about and what advantages it brings me (e.g., when I buy the product).

In addition, clarity, easy navigation, and page structure are extremely important, so you can quickly find your way through the website (for purchase).

  1. Good web design arouses feelings

And last but not least, good design can even excite emotions. Especially if you work with a lot of colors and lots of pictures, then web design can awaken or trigger feelings in people, I am convinced of that.

Different colors trigger different emotions in different cultural groups. KISSmetrics took the trouble to create a nice infographic on how colors affect purchases.

Have you noticed how design is important to your site’s success? So what are you still waiting to invest in this feature and get even more success in your sales with custom web application development service?


As you can see, Web Design is not a discipline that lives apart from the best practices of digital marketing, although it is essential for the digital success of the brands. It is extremely important from the strategic point of view for any business.

In summary terms, we can say that good Web Design allows any company, product, or service to be present in the largest market of all – Sphere Digital – with the highest possible quality and projection. All through an intuitively-designed w

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