7 Reasons to Consider Taking Up the ITIL Foundation Training

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ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library Training has gained quite a lot of popularity in the last few years with more and more people going for the training.

ITIL is asset of practices that help people in aligning IT based services with the requirements of the businesses. ITIL comprises of practices that are essential for the smooth working of Information Technology sector’s service management. It is the stepping stone for anyone looking to foray into the IT world and wants to merge the IT principles with those of the business world.

ITIL training serves as the basis for the ITIL service lifecycle and culminates the concepts, principles and theories of the IT world that can be used in the real business world. One of the most recognized entry level training for IT professionals, ITIL training helps people who want to do well in the IT sector.

The course was designed with the intention of streamlining the principles of ITSM or Information Technology Service Management and consolidating the data in form of books and reaching out to those who wanted to reap in the knowledge.

ITIL training and certification is broken up into 4 different levels, i.e. Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate and the Expert levels. Lastly, one can also opt for the Master level.

Why should one adopt ITIL?

ITSM is slowly becoming the most adopted framework in almost every field and ITIL being an integral part of ITSM has gained its footing too. It provides professionals with in-depth knowledge of IT management and infrastructure.

Beneficiaries of ITIL

Before understanding the importance of ITIL training, let us see who benefits from ITIL.

  • Service providers in the IT sector
  • Component suppliers in the IT sector
  • Customers who benefit from the services.

How does ITIL Foundation Training benefit?

An IT company that is looking for an overall development of its employees and looking to upgrade their knowledge base, ITIL Foundation Training is the course for them. It provides the employees with better understanding of the ITIL framework and principles. It paves way for easy transition to the more modern methods from the traditional ones and makes it easy for professionals to implement the principles in day to day functioning.

Reasons for considering ITIL Foundation training

  • The stepping stone

ITIL Foundation Course is the stepping stone for the ITIL certification training. It forms the basis and lays a solid foundation based on which one can move ahead with the ITIL training with ease. It covers not only the concepts of the IT field but also explains and prepares one for the various roles he/she can assume at the end of the course.

The course is planned in a way that one can get a general idea of the workings of the IT service sector, its principles and the various roles.

  • The complete package

The Foundation course is designed in such a way that the aspirants get overall knowledge and are able to understand the concepts and working of the IT sector. It is broken into 5 volumes; with each volume consist of all the roles and functions of the IT sector.

The course covers each aspect of IT service management in detail including methods to understand customers’ needs, taking care of big infrastructure enhancements, IT organizations, vendor management, configuration management, and such.

  • Universal recognition

The ITIL principles are applicable in almost every country in the world in the IT sector, thus it has a universal recognition. ITIL certified person has the freedom to choose from the multitudes of roles in the IT service management sector.

The demand for ITIL certified candidates is quite high as there is a major shift from the traditional IT practices to more modern techniques and principles. ITIL foundation training can be the first step you take towards the career that is in high demand.

  • Customizable course

The foundation course is such that you can customize and choose any one particular role that you want to take up and specialize in. the course can be modified to suit your needs. If you are looking to learn a particular skill, concept or technique, you can do so.

  • Flexible

Since the course is online based one, you have the flexibility to cover up the course at your will and according to your free time. In case, you are employed or have other work related or studies related commitments, the course can be taken up as and when you wish to. The ITIL foundation course is specially designed for online users.

  • Important for an IT job

Most IT companies, today, look for candidates with some kind of certification or qualification at the entry level.

The ITIL certification course is globally recognised and accepted course, thus it has much more validity and relevance than other courses in the same field. ITIL course has slowly become a prerequisite for landing an IT based job.

The course provides you with competence and confidence to apply and show your talent to the company you are applying for and prepares you for every role in the ITSM sector irrespective of the organization.

  • Competitive edge over others

ITIL training prepares an individual for every role and aspect of the IT sector. People have a better know-how of the sector and its subsequent businesses. Since the training provides the individuals with in-depth knowledge and full-fledged training in the ITIL concepts, they have a competitive edge over other candidates.

ITIL training makes a person more confident and with the detailed training, he is able to perform better in his job. ITIL trained persons have better working ability and contribute to the overall development of the organization and the team.