7 Proven Ways To Deal With Inflammation

7 Proven Ways To Deal With Inflammation 6 Tips for Easing Knee Pain

Negosentro | 7 Proven Ways To Deal With Inflammation | Inflammation is an important natural response by our immune system. It is a defense mechanism by your white blood cells and related chemicals to keep you safe from intruders like viruses and other germs.

Inflammatory chemicals such as these are produced by the body to protect us from viruses and bacteria. When injured, a localized inflammatory response keeps infection at bay by playing a critical role in the healing process.

Summit orthopedic surgeon Dane Hansen says that there are 2 different types of inflammation: Acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. 

We could refer to acute as the good type. It is the swelling and redness we get when we sprain an ankle or cut a finger. It helps us heal. The Orthotic Shop advise that Inflammation is common when wearing ill fitting shoes. On the other hand, chronic inflammation affects the entire body and can lead to a chronic illness.

Inflammation can cause discomfort and illness. It is therefore important to reduce it. Since the body reacts to inflammation for a couple of different reasons, we can understand how to can control the body’s response to inflammation by evaluating the causes of inflammation. Here are 7 healthy ways to reduce inflammation:

Natural Lifestyle Changes You Can Take: To Reduce Inflammation  

1. Get Enough Sleep. 

As Dr. Hansen says, “Getting enough sleep is a big step towards reducing systemic inflammation.” Every night, make a habit of going to bed at the same time. If it’s possible, stay away from your phone or other devices an hour before your bedtime.

2. Quit Smoking. 

Here is another major smoking negative health effect. Smoking is an inflammation booster. Smoking cigarettes generally cause harm to every cell in your body. It causes inflammation as the body is trying to heal.

3. Engage in Stress Reduction Activities.  

In our modern world, stress is experienced in almost every life facet. Undertaking activities to manage stress levels, like meditation, can effectively help decrease inflammation levels. As Dr. Hansen states, “Stress causes an inflammatory response in the body.” One of the best ways to combat stress is to incorporate enough exercise into your routine. The Orthotic Shop have a great range of shoes that will offer you comfort and support as you exercise.

4. Consume an Anti-inflammatory Diet. 

Dr. Hansen refers to an anti-inflammatory diet as a completely balanced diet with no sugars and processed foods. The diet is similar to Mediterranean-style eating. Comprising vegetables, especially dark greens, fruits, fatty fish, olive oil, and nuts.  

5. Consider Supplements. 

We have 3 specific supplements that evidence has shown to perfectly work in reducing inflammation levels: fish oil, ginger, and turmeric. Though many other supplements have been recommended as an anti-inflammatory, there is no satisfactory research to back these findings.

6. Cut Excess Weight. 

Body fat, mostly around the belly area, is known to boost inflammation. As Dr. Hansen stresses, “Reducing 5-10% of your body weight can significantly result in a significant reduction in the body’s inflammation.” Start out slow to lose weight with plenty of walking, the Orthotic Shop have a range of orthotic shoes that are perfect for walking.

7. Use Proven Standard Solutions. 

The scientifically proven medical remedies to joint inflammation – caused by arthritis or not – remain operative. These comprise cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), and RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation).

Final Words

Despite inflammation being a normal immune system response, long-term inflammation can be harmful. If you are at experiencing long-term inflammation, make arrangements to plan regular visits with your healthcare provider.


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