7 Profitable Industries for Start-Ups in 2019

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Start-up investments are very risky especially for those who provide capital for it. This makes it important for entrepreneurs to be cautious when opening a business. Start-up investments should be made in industries which seem profitable.

Capitals are the main requirement of start-ups and to gain capital, the capital provider needs surety that their money is invested in a profitable business. To evaluate the expected profitability of a business, measuring the profitability of the industry is helpful. Current profitability of the industry does not only matter for a business, what matters are the most is the long term profitability of the industry for the long-term growth of the business.

Investing in a profitable industry attracts Fast Capital Business Loans. Start-ups do not need any PhD degree but it requires an understanding of the business industry and the ability to make appropriate decisions. It is a trade which is mostly based on skills.

If you are an entrepreneur and are about to invest in a start-up, read on since it may help you in learning the most profitable industries in the current era.

Online Retail Industry

In the current era, everything has mobilized even shopping too. Technology has enhanced the idea of online shopping around the world. After the success of the businesses like Amazon and such, it has become quite understandable that what customers need from retailers and that is the option of purchasing products from around the world which are delivered at their doorstep.

The online retail industry is known as e-commerce as well among the business community. The idea of investing in e-commerce industry started a few years back but the industry started growing in 2014. As per the report of 2017, the industry’s sales reached to 2.3 trillion us dollar and this happened in a very small amount of time.

In 2017, the total sales value of the e-commerce was 2304 us billion dollars. In 2018, there was at least 18% growth measured in the industry. The industry is growing with healthy competition among online retailers. The growth of e-commerce is mostly because of change in customer demands, incorporation of new entrants and advancement of technology.

Fast Food Industry

The fast-food industry is not only growing but changes are occurring in the industry very rapidly and that is because of change in customer preferences. The fast-food companies are now focused on providing consumers with healthy fast food items to prevent health issues.

The demand for fast food on the other hand has remained constantly high, even the involvement of technology has increased the demand for fast food. The revenue of fast food industry in the global market is at least 570 billion dollars currently.

The fast food industry is growing globally. Till 2015, the annual growth rate of the fast food industry globally was 2.5%. The online ordering opportunity has increased the sales of fast food very much. There are many fast food points which online provide delivery services and take away services, not dine-in which makes the expenditures to minimal which is best for a start-up.

It saves the capital money for the time being especially as long as it takes for the business to have its footing at the ground strongly. The best thing for investors of the fast food industry is that the market shares are on constant growth. Food trucks are the main source of attraction for the start-ups.

IT Industry

The advancement of technology and its enhanced use in the organizational world has increased the demand of the IT industry. There are major players of the business industry who pay large sums to get their software work or to get specifically designed software made for their business.

The best thing about an IT business is that the requirement for human resources is very low especially at the start of the business. Less human resources means less expenditure and more profits.

In 2015, the value of the IT industry globally was at least 2199 billion dollars and the expenditures are nearly 147 billion dollars which shows that the profit in the industry is higher than its expenditures which makes it a profitable industry.

graphThe graph above shows that it has been and will remain a very attractive industry around the globe. In 2018, the revenue growth of the IT industry was 3.5% higher and it reached 668 us billion dollars. total_revenue

global_it_industrySpa and Salon

The services providers are becoming more and more valuable in the business industry especially those who deal with customers directly such as skin care service providers. The demand for the skincare industry has changed very much in 10 years and customer has become more demanding.

People have become more conscious about their looks. Start-ups in the spa and salon industry requires marginally less investment as compared to other industries. In 2018, the spa and salon industry growth was recorded 190 billion US dollars and it is expected to reach 128 US billion dollars at least till 2024.

The demand for spa and salon is highest in America and in the Middle East. Women are constantly exploring their beauty attributes which have made it the most profitable industry. Fast capital investment loans are very beneficial for a spa and salon start-up.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most profitable industries around the globe. It is a fact that this industry needs major investments but the return is even more satisfying.

Housing and construction tech providing businesses have been very profitable in the last few years especially with the advancement in the construction machines and equipment. In 2017, the contractors were able to generate at least 375 million dollars.

Renewable Energy Industry

People are getting considerate about the environmental effects and they are also focusing on ideas which are economically beneficial for them especially businesses. Organizations are looking for ways to reduce their expenditures and they have found the most beneficial method in the form of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is somehow replacing fossil fuel. It is being expected that in the value of the industry in 2024 will be 2,152 US billion dollars.

Real Estate Industry

There is very less human resource required especially if Real Estate Company is dealing in housing. It is expected that in 2030, the value of the industry will reach 1 trillion US dollars.

Real estate companies have been very profitable in the last some years. Loan providers understand that there are few risks attached to real estate which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get a loan for real estate business.

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