7 Popular Forex Brokers in 2021

7 Popular Forex Brokers in 2021 About Forex Trading forex

7 Popular Forex Brokers in 2021 | No matter which currency you are looking to speculate, you need a trustable broker. Forex is the best place to gain some money if you have an analytic mind. However, there is a wide range of broker companies that offer their services, and not all of them are equally good. You have to check the reputation of a company, the trading accounts it offers, and the conditions it provides to work with you. Before you do it, check out the list of the most popular brokers well-known around the world.

Top-7 Forex Brokers

Here is the list of the seven most trustable brokers on the market. Some of these names have been known for years, while others just appeared but have already gained an audience. If you are looking for a company to work with, you may find this list helpful.


The British company IG is well-known around the world. The company was founded in 1974, and since that year it continues to dominate among brokers on the London Stock Exchange. Traders can expect from it:

  • The ultimate package of research tools and trading;
  • Education required to the industry of the choice;
  • Fair pricing;
  • List of tradable goods that is constantly growing.

Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank is a Danish company famous for its researching tools. The company has been on the market since 1992. Apart from Forex, they offer CFDs, stocks, bonds, funds, and futures. Traders who can afford a $10 000 deposit receive:

  • Competitive pricing;
  • Trading platforms;
  • Advanced research techniques;
  • More than 40 000 trading instruments;
  • Customer service of the highest level.

CMC Markets

Another UK-based company, CMC Markets, provides Forex, CFDs, spread betting, and shares for traders around the world. The company was founded in 1989. It is considered to be the best platform for web trading with the most currency pairs. Here you receive:

  • Great pricing;
  • Over 10 000 tradable instruments you can use;
  • Trading platform Next Generation with the research inside;
  • Beneficial trading tools;
  • Charting that contains all the information you require.

Interactive Brokers

The American-based company Interactive Brokers works with stocks, futures, funds, bonds, EFPs, options, apart from Forex. Founded in 1978, it has offices in 14 countries now. The company is famous for its professionals. You can expect:

  • Multi-asset brokerage;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Reliable trading platform.

TD Ameritrade

This company offers multiple trading options, including cryptocurrency, stocks, funds, and even margin lending. However, it is a US-based company for US citizens only. You might find it beneficial for you. It was founded in 1971. After you sign up for its services, you receive:

  • Almost 80 currency pairs;
  • Excellent trading tools;
  • Ability to make advanced researches;
  • Group of professionals focused on your case.

City Index

The London-based company City Index offers a wide range of options for traders. You can use their services for Forex, CFD trading, or spread betting. It was founded in 1983. Now the company has over 800 employees around the world. Here are its main features:

  • It is backed by GAIN Capital of a solid reputation;
  • High-quality trading platforms;
  • A mobile app that works splendidly;
  • Advanced research of the market;
  • The education you need for trading;
  • A wide range of markets is constantly growing.


Compared to the companies on the list, XTB is a new company. It was founded in Poland in 2002. Now, it is an entirely UK company with numerous headquarters around the world. It can be called the best customer service company. They offer:

  • Trustable multi-asset work;
  • Customer service available almost all the time;
  • Great trading experience with xStation 5 platform.

Choosing the Right Broker

All the companies on the list have gained a reliable and positive reputation after many years. They are well-known around the world and provide numerous options for trading. If you don’t know which one to choose, you may try several of them, one by one, until you find what you are looking for.